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By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 3 Dec 2020

I wish I could tell you that life is easy but it's not. I wish I could make your life easy, but I can't.

Let's just enjoy the ride, the end is not that far off anyway. If we are in our 30's right now and let us say we die at 60 years old which is even rare as millennial life expectancy is shorter. We might even have less years than that, considering other several factors that may cause death. With that said, if we live 30 more years, we only have a total of 10,950 days left.

How many days are we going to spend being regretful, resentful and disappointed with life? I am no expert I don't need to be, hell, I am even struggling to keep up with my thoughts among other things. But hey,our days our numbered. For once, take a look at life with no hint of expectation. Just stop overthinking, take a look around and breathe that fresh air. We aren't gonna last forever. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

I know that anger. I know that pain. We all have that moment of wanting to give up. Of wanting to disappear. Of wanting to have someone or something to blame on. Of wanting to reset time and do things over again. But we can't undo things. We can never ever undo nor redo what happened in our life that brought us in our present situation. I am not writing this to fucking inspire people. I took the time to write this, to remind myself and the people who has the time to read this, that life is a one way ticket.

So what would you do with 10,950 remaining days or even less? Stop expecting more from other people, not even from the ones you love and not even from the ones that love you. Expectation is the mother of fucking disappointment! Instead of EXPECTATION, why not try APPRECIATION? It would cost us nothing to appreciate something.

We have been programmed to expect more from life and I wish I've learned this much earlier. But it's never too late to start now. Until the very end and until we stopped breathing, I hope we appreciate more of the little things in life that we usually ignore.

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Life Changing
Life Changing

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