Life Changing - Log #27 The Mistakes That Paved Way For Success

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 5 Nov 2019

It is in our mistakes that we learn the most. Do you agree?


Life offers us countless of opportunities. Some days we are eager to take on those opportunities and thinking of the possible sensitivities may come out of our venture. However, there are times that we fall down and we get disappointed. Mistakes after mistakes may discourage us to continue what we started. And when we give up what we started. We created another loose end. Another question without an answer "what could have happened?"

I dare say that mistakes makes us stronger. The lesson we learned from mistakes are far more powerful than the successes we accomplished. It is when we fall down that we feel so much vulnerable that we gather all our strengths to stand still and walk further.

I have made countless of mistakes, and yet I still remember each one of them.It's like imprinted in my subconsciousness that in some days when I do something, I feel like I knew what's gonna happen next. Precognition or whatever it's called.

What is your biggest mistake that made you a better person?


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Life Changing
Life Changing

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