Life Changing - Log #17 Fortunate Stroke Of Serendipity

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 15 Aug 2019


It has been said that, "the only constant in this world is change". Change can be for the better or something could turn into worst. Like how years of wind blowing the dust and drops of rain can create a barren mountain into a rocky canyon. Change is always changing. Now that statement is something.

This is a story how my first degree cousin, Dot or "Kuya" Dot changed for the better. "Kuya" is a form of respect call to a male person slightly older than you are. It's pronounced "KOOO - yahhhh".

Kuya Dot was a son of my mother's older sister. He was born out of wedlock. Although his mother married another man, and Kuya was taken cared off by Uncle as if he was of his own. They were well off, they used to have fishing business. I've heard from stories my mother told me if I remember correctly, they once had fishing vessels and stalls in their local market. You could say they were in the wealthy middle class. Until my Aunt's husband, Kuya Dot's stepfather died. The business went down. Long story short. Kuya Dot was devastated along with his other half siblings. He went on and started using drugs and gambling. They say Kuya Dot were involved in fist fights almost all the time. And when I look at him, I think it's true. He has the aura of a street fighter. Kuya Dot's addiction led him to become a courier. This was in the 90's, I was a little kid back then. And I think he was in his 20's. He also got into many relationships that had given him kids from different woman.

In the early 2000's Kuya had to get away from the big city to live in the province. He ran away from the drug kingpins he owed money to. Everyday in my aunt's house, random strangers asks Kuya Dot's whereabouts. Some say it's the police but most of the people believe it was the hit-men of the drug organization. Kuya started earning good legal money by working in a construction company. Construction companies in that time are contractual and they don't ask tedious requirements. If someone vouch for you, that you know what needs doing, then you're in for the job. Abrupt stopping of drug use is hard, but with the kinda of work he had, the sweat and the heat of the sun is helping him minimize the cravings in the morning. Then came night when there's nothing to do in the bunker, that's when the temptation gets in.

One day he met the woman who changed his life.

I've heard she was selling food in the construction site and that's how they met. I guess true love could really change you, and make something out of ordinary into a beautiful tell-stories. Their relationship grew as time pass by and both decided to live in together. Kuya as he was, was a broken ma with several broken relationship and an addiction. She was a strong woman broken from previous relationship and had three kids already with his previous partner. But love conquers all. True love is unconditional. Kuya Dot went on working for the construction for a while until he saved up enough to start his own business. They moved out and lived in her place, quite a distance from the city.

Having had knowledge on the ins and outs of selling fish, Kuya Dot purchased a motorcycle and used to buy and sell fish direct from fishing vessels and sell them to the inland's and mountain areas. People don't necessarily have money on hand so he would let them pay in something equal like a certain kilo of rice or chicken. He would then sell the chicken or rice in downtown. They then built a small store.

Today, Kuya Dot's business is doing well. Life had given him another chance to live.



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Life Changing
Life Changing

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