Life Changing - Log #13 If Tomorrow Never Comes

By Pajeebear | Life Changing | 8 Aug 2019

In life no matter how we plan things out the unpredictability of events is inevitable.


One moment with filled laughter suddenly become a moment of tears. As a kid, I get to hear a lot of advice from older people, my parents included. And the one statement I keep hearing is, "Think about your future".

This has been my guiding steer of my personal voyage, until I encountered storms that broke my sail and taught me a lesson that not everything is about the future. And that we should be thinking more about our present. As we never really know if we still exist in that future that we wished and dreamed so much.

I wanted to talk to you about Joshua. Joshua is a kid with a bright future ahead of him. He is several years younger than me. An only kid, of a middle class family who owns hectares of farmland, and businesses. The kid is really good at drums, guitar and only 12 years old and already expert on computers and mathematics.Even with his privileges, he's a humble good kid. Everyone loves him. The school bullies made fun of him but kept their mouth shut when he is around. Joshua's physique is that of an older person. With their money Joshua eats anything he would want and I guess that's the reason for he is overweight. His house is a walking distance near the church. I knew him mostly because my Aunt Marrieta works in their household as his nanny since he was still 5 years old.

Life is good to the kid. Pampered with good things and love. But again life is unpredictable. And one morning Joshua just collapsed. Taken to the hospital but doctors were not able to extend his life.

In this regard, I realized that we should always consider today. The future may lie waiting brightly for us. But what's good with a bright future if we can't be there at all. Joshua's sudden passing opened my eyes to the uncertainty of life.



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Life Changing
Life Changing

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