Life Changing - Log #11 Stains Of The Past

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 6 Aug 2019


Situations are outcome of our choices. We reach a point of no return and we realize we are far from where we want to be. But instead of going back to where we've been, the only logical thing to do is to weather the storm and just go wherever life would take us.

In my third year in college I met Aries. A brazen man quite older than I was. He was already 28 years old and just got himself enrolled first year in the Nursing Department.Aries is the kind of person who does not care about what other people think about him. He will do whatever he thinks is good for himself.When he does not feel like going to class, he will be gambling such as cards and cockfights derby.

This is a story about moving forward. It may not be for the better but for what it takes just keep on moving. Aries lived a dangerous life. After high school he went to the big city Manila to work that is why he started college late at 28 years old. Most college freshman in the Philippines starts at age 17. Aries lived in the slums of Tondo.

I'm sure you have heard about it somewhere. Maybe from the Miss Philippines Catriona Gray who won the Miss Universe pageant 2018. And yes Tondo gained it's popularity for high crime rate, drugs and poor living standards. As Aries recalled the place can make something out of nothing. Most of the residents have succumb to the cast shadow of living. The political underground existence.

Aries lost a job and at some point and has to do something to ease hunger. Desperate times, desperate measures right? Aries gave in to the dark shadow of desperation. He became a snatcher and a hold-upper. There was never an easy way to do it the first time. But then as time passed he got used to it. Drugs in the slums are everywhere. Aries told us about how drugs the popular methamphetamine where transported using doves as couriers. And how our Muslim brothers hide bulk and stash in Mosques. How our Christian brothers pay the police for drug tariffs to run drug territories and business. Could it be true? I have no way to verify. When you look at Aries's eyes as he tells us the story of his life, you can sparks of truth and he didn't even flinched. He told us how gang groups can just kill anyone and dump their bodies on the alley or on the river. That even asking for directions to get somewhere in the inner parts of the slums would cost you several pesos.

Aries went back home to the province bringing with him the dark stains of his past. His Aunt who works abroad wanted him to direct his path into the brighter future and supported his studies. You can really see how difficult it is for him to follow the norms. Even the local bullies befriended Aries as they have seen the monster hiding in his eyes. Aries made friends and continued with his studies.

With this I know for sure that even with the stains of the past, life offers an opportunity to move forward. When we are willing to move and let go, only then can we redeem ourselves.




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Life Changing
Life Changing

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