Life Changing - Log #04B Fast Fail

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 24 Jul 2019

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This article is the continuation of Log #04, I had unintentionally clicked the published when I was supposed to save it as draft. It was not done yet however there's no way of editing articles in Publish0x so I'm going to continue the story here.


I've learned more a lot, I've learned incomparably more than the three long years of studying in just one month of training. WoW. Yeah it was like I opened my eyes for the first time. And you see the light in amazement. The competition was really tough, being the so called first timer, or the "virgin", you get to be the center of bullying. Not the physical bullying but it's more of a psychological programming.

It goes without saying, I was the only one who don't know what exactly I was doing. Funny, that I can laugh at myself looking back to everything I've been through.

I had the best buds, they were the best at what they do. Everyday I kept pushing my limits just to reach the point where at least I get to compete. There were times I fail, but the people who were with me since day 1 of training were always there. Supporting me. I found a new family.

But things don't always end up in a happy ending story. I knew right from the first time, something is not right. Months after working on production my name got listed. I'm one of those who were called out to discuss the stakes of my employment. It was as if the world fell upon me. It came as a shocked, we were informed we will be on floating status that our statistics didn't reach the minimum metric needed. I didn't know what to feel. It was like I knew I had it coming but I would'nt want to accept it. But when reality strikes, you suddenly feel everything in slow motion. And you realize one thing for sure. I'm back on the road of unemployment.


Lesson Learned

Some things are not meant to be. You just have to take the courage to accept it. I've learned that in order to succeed, you have to fail fast. The fast fail process as I'd like to call it. Just like how an archer shot fire his arrows. It takes a pull back to hit a target.
Don't dwell the obnoxious long hours of waiting to take up. Just chill, let life pull you back and focus your aim.

Some bad things happen changes our lives. And it's up to us how we start from there.



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Life Changing
Life Changing

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