KOY Network Crypto Presales.

By Brenda Mo. Angwenyi | KOY Network | 22 Sep 2023

Crypto presales allow investors to buy tokens before the official launch. This is done through private sales to registered and approved participants/ investors; a process called whitelisting. This ensures the network realizes its value creation rapidly while also ensuring liquidity for the network. Pre-sale tokens are sold at discounted prices enabling investors to get a benefit from higher resale prices if sold at a later date. It also comes with additional benefits such as the ability to contribute to making some suggestions on how to grow the platform, and exclusive access to the project’s new features before being released to the whole ecosystem.

Existing wallets that have already invested receive free coins from the network, which we call an airdrop. This ensures KOY Network’s accelerated growth by having an early community at the beginning stages of development.

Pre-sales also provide media attention that attracts investors for when the network goes public so they can be on the lookout for the public sale.

Project developers are also able to benefit from pre-sales by getting an opportunity to understand the market better and how to catch investors’ attention as they go forward.

Presales therefore benefit investors, developers, and future users to be able to build a sustainable ecosystem.


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