Tyler Durden Collection

By LibertasBella | libertasbella | 8 Apr 2022

I am Jack’s official ZeroHedge merchandise.

Regular readers of ZeroHedge know that Tyler Durden writes a lot of their articles. How did one of the internet’s last remaining actual news sources get a fictional character on their staff? Trade secret, my friend. Trade secret.

Why does Tyler Durden inspire? Look – it doesn’t hurt that he’s sporting a set of abs which makes him look like he’s smuggling an eight-pack of King's Hawaiian rolls underneath his Goodwill T-shirt. But he also represents what all men aspire to be. Charismatic. Confident. A natural leader (even if his followers are technically domestic terrorists). Tyler Durden is a man who untethered his red dog and drinks beer. He’s possibly a homeowner, and he’s not even real.

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