Liberland Delegation on Diplomatic Engagements in Davos

Liberland Delegation on Diplomatic Engagements in Davos

By Liberland TV | Liberland TV | 23 Jan 2024

Liberland Delegation on Diplomatic Engagements in DavosLiberland Delegation on Diplomatic Engagements in Davos


Davos, Switzerland, January 18, 2024 - Liberland, the freest young country in the world, is taking bold steps on the international stage as President Vit Jedlicka and Chief of Staff Petr Krovina participate in key events around the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.


Having unveiled Liberland's visionary plans at the VNTR Investors Meetup, President Jedlicka, and Chief of Staff Krovina are set to address a distinguished audience at the Hilton Garden Inn WEBIT today. This engagement offers a unique platform to showcase Liberland's ambitious vision and strategic goals for the upcoming year.

Beyond these high-profile events, the Liberland delegation is actively fostering bilateral relations through a series of one-on-one meetings. These interactions aim to deepen understanding of Liberland’s values and mission among its citizens and supporters, fostering collaboration opportunities. Liberland President Vit Jedlicka especially appreciated the inspiring speech of Argentinian President Javier Milei.

Liberland remains steadfast in its commitment to building bridges and cultivating international partnerships aligned with its principles of liberty, innovation, and sustainable progress. The delegation's presence at Davos underscores Liberland's dedication to global collaboration, emphasizing the nation's appeal as a hub for investment and innovation.

About Liberland
The Free Republic of Liberland, situated between Croatia and Serbia on the Danube River, was established in 2015 on unclaimed land by Vít Jedlicka. Originating from a border dispute, its 7 km territory is now the third smallest sovereign state after the Vatican and Monaco. Liberland's motto, "To live and let live," reflects its commitment to personal and economic freedom. The Constitution ensures limited governmental interference in its citizens' lives.

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