NFT of Chapter 5 THE BOOK


By TheAiCollectiveArt | LIBER VERITAS | 3 Sep 2023



Chapter 5:

Born alone, Jane faced life's climb, In a world where love could sometimes blind.

In John's embrace, her heart did soar, But fate's cruel hand closed that door.

Their love blossomed, a flame so bright, But destiny's winds can shift the light.

For John, the call of fate drew near, Leaving Jane in a world of fear.


He ventured far, to distant lands, Chasing dreams held in his hands.

Though love remained, the distance grew, Their hearts entwined, yet worlds askew.

Time passed by, their paths did part, But love's ember lived within Jane's heart.

She carried memories of their sweet embrace, A treasure locked in love's safe space.


Yet, life is fleeting, and time does fly, As clouds obscure the brightest sky.

John's journey ended, he's now at rest, Leaving Jane with love's final test.

In death's embrace, they intertwine, Souls reunited beyond time.

Their earthly riches, mere passing flares, For love's true wealth, eternally cares.


Born alone, they faced life's climb,

In love's embrace, their hearts aligned.

Though John is gone, their love lives on,

In the depths of Jane's soul, forever strong.



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