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By TheAiCollectiveArt | LIBER VERITAS | 30 Sep 2023

Chapter 11:

A book, a canvas where dreams receive.
Ink spills like stardust, stories take flight,
Authors' visions, shining bright.

In the dance of letters, worlds unfold,
Boundless tales of heroes bold.
With quill and pen, we wield our might,
Creating realms of day and night.

Dreams entwined, like stars align,
Across the universe, they intertwine.
Through pages turned and chapters trod,
The magic of imagination, a gift from God.

In every line, emotions flare,
Expressions woven, like art so rare.
In the vast expanse of written verse,
A symphony of feelings, hearts immerse.

With every word, a new horizon,
A journey embarked, beyond the known.
Through valleys deep and mountains grand,
We wander, seeking truth's hand.

The author's soul laid bare, a vulnerable plea,
As we paint our dreams, our souls enshrine.
For within these pages, a glimpse we see,
Of the human spirit's eternity.

So let us cherish this gift divine,
The written world, where dreams combine.
In every book, a universe unfurls,
A canvas painted with words, our souls' pearls.


-by db

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Liber Veritas is a unique and groundbreaking collection of 12 poems that have been transformed into NFT art pieces by Each poem is a work of art created by a team of human and artificial intelligence poets and artists, accompanied by stunning visuals that bring the words to life in a new and exciting way, What sets Liber Veritas apart is that it goes beyond a 2D cover and into a 3D interactive online gallery.

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