NEXO : An AMA with Antoni Trenchev on Dividends and Much More

By Lgrt | Lgrt | 28 Aug 2020


The Nexo Community has been calling for greater engagement on our behalf in addressing the hottest topics around Nexo. You asked, we delivered.

In our first Ask-Me-Anything session since 2019, our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev answers your questions about the Third Dividend and Nexo’s plans for the future, also providing insightful commentary on the resilience of our business model and making the most of the economic context that you, our clients, and Nexo operate in.

Watch Antoni’s answers to your biggest questions, including:


  • How frequently will Nexo Dividends be distributed?


  • When will the snapshot and NEXO Token price be taken for the next dividend?


  • What is in Nexo’s pipeline until the end of 2020?


  • And many more...

Watch the AMA

We thank you for voicing your questions and for your continued feedback. Your dedication to improving Nexo has helped us greatly in determining the next steps for the company so as to better cater to the needs of our clients and community.

The topic of our next AMA, to be announced soon, will be the much-anticipated Nexo Card.

Until then, stay healthy and stay ahead!

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