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By Moneyhands | Levin'shub | 3 May 2021 which claims to be a modern high technological company that have developed one of the most efficient system for crypto currency mining is now on extinct. 

Launch in January 2021, this site is no where to found as of the 23rd April after collecting huge sums of money from investors, like many other ponzi scheme sites, solar hashes support bitcoin and ethereum cloud mining service. 

What is a cloud mining service


This is a process of purchasing rented mining hardwares/equipments remotely (or via the internet) without physical contact. 

As it is said to believe that, installing and setting up these machines yourself requires some basic knowledge and are quite expensive. 

How does a cloud mining service works

Miners setup huge amount of mining farms and invite investors to purchase and have a share of the newly generated coins. 

These however will get the miners enough funds to purchase more machines and clear up all expenses. 

solar hashes logo

Solar hashes like it name says it all, aims to reduce the green house gas emission whilst bringing maximum profit to their investors just did the opposite, leaving investors heart broken and miserable (like myself). 

After doing my own research and reading the most positive reviews out there about this site (which was indeed legit), I decided to give it a try, and that's why it is said, "Don't invest what you can not afford to lose". 

Because I wanted to test this site myself  to see if it was legit,  starting with their $10 "starter" plan was the best go to option, I did some deposit and have my account activated, despite reading the 100% legitimacy of the site, I was not totally mentally unstable to go above that. 

Everyday I logged in and watch my account balance changing, according to solar hashes, the started plan which gives a daily profit of $0.22 had to last for 3 months, so that should be about $20 making a 100% profit before the contract is terminated. 

my account balance

[Last screenshot of my account balance, though it's not that accurate

This is insanely massive returns in just short duration and clearly a hyip, but who knows, I may be lucky enough to get paid,  but sadly I wasn't because I was already close to their dead line. 

Logging in to my account everyday until one day I saw this

site is unreachable

[Oh no, the site has been taking down

After few days of research and notice other members were facing the same issue, at this time, no respond from support and countless pending withdrawals from clients. 

The admin of this site have shut it's doors and ran with people's money, mine was nothing as compare to this other reddit members

members earnings

members earnings

Some comments I could find on their Facebook page

Facebook comments

Facebook comments

Facebook comments


Can anything be done to bring down this monsters? someone somewhere have been badly affected by this and will be a dream come true if the perpetrators are brought to justice. 


Key takeaway:

Don't invest what you can not afford to lose, always do your own research and your guts telling you it's save before you take any financial actions. 


Stay tune for more updates 







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