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By Levelnaut | Levelnaut's News | 4 Feb 2021

The first month of 2021 is coming to an end and some conclusions can already be drawn regarding Internet trends. Unfortunately, the world is not very successful in coping with the coronavirus pandemic and this makes you think about a lot. I'm not even talking about the fact that the world has changed significantly and it will never be the same again. But we have already spoken and written about this many times, and this is something that has already become obvious today.
What has replaced the main trends of the past year, which were Money, Knowledge, Health? No, of course, they are still relevant, but each of them requires certain clarifications and the entire Levelnaut project community understands this perfectly.
In that case, let's look at each of the three new trends in order. Although, recently we wrote about the acute lack of Positive in our days. And the point is not even that the traditional media are used to making money on the negative and the flow of negative news allows them now to earn even more huge money. We are talking about the fact that people are sorely lacking positive in the fight against a new challenge for all mankind - the coronavirus pandemic, which is unknown whether it will be the last one. Positive is what today helps to fight and win not only in this war, but also to succeed in life even in such a difficult time.
As for the Crypto, everything is clear here. You are all well aware that this trend was especially popular this year due to the rise in the bitcoin rate. We have no doubts about this, and those who closely follow our direction, which is called Money, are well aware of this. It is quite obvious that the cryptocurrency will continue to strengthen in the financial market and one can expect the growth of not only bitcoin, but also many altcoins. Therefore, in our new project, which we are preparing to support Levelnaut, there will be a new social network, with rewarding moderators for strengthening positive trends.
And finally, the Esperanto language. It is this direction that becomes key in the Knowledge trend, although it certainly does not cancel the entire Self-education direction as a whole. And we will talk about this later, of course. Many new arguments have emerged in favor of learning Esperanto. And the point is not even that "learning languages ??is useful at any age for developing memory and improving brain functions." As you probably know, the world has taken a course towards democracy, and Esperanto is the most democratic, moreover, artificially created language. Wikipedia claims that more than 2 million people already speak it, and more than 2 thousand consider it native. That is, in many mixed marriages, parents prefer to speak Esperanto and children perceive this language as their native language. In our opinion, this is a very positive trend and Esperanto is even more suited to the role of the language of international communication than English. As for grammar, there is even nothing to compare here - English looks very complicated compared to Esperanto, and of course, there is even no use of mentioning Russian, for example.
I personally plan to learn this language, despite the fact that I speak seven other languages ??and teach English, which I do not consider as modern and democratic, even though it is so widespread.
All the trends mentioned in this article do not pretend to be the official world ones, but they are becoming very popular in the levelnaut community. But you, dear readers, can determine for yourself what is interesting to you and what is not. Our task is to share information and wish you the realization of your plans in 2021.

Boris Siomin,

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Businessman, networker, Levelnaut and LEEnjoy founder

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