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By Levelnaut | Levelnaut's News | 8 Feb 2021


So Poziturbo. Why such a strange name? The first thing that comes to mind is Turbo Positive. Well, this is not so far from the truth and one of the main features of the new social network is its orientation towards the positive. It's no secret that today on the Internet, and even in the traditional media, such a stream of negative shit is pouring out that positive news is harder to find than a diamond. We will talk about "diamonds", more precisely about motivating factors later, but for now I will continue the introduction and inform our readers about what Poziturbo really means. The name is really associated with the positive, but it was created on the basis of two words from the Esperanto language Pozitiva (Positive) and Urbo (City).

Now the name is more understandable, but it is not clear why it is in Esperanto? The fact is that the creators of the project considered such a name to be the most democratic and we are absolutely sure that the English language has a completely unjustified advantage over other languages, despite its widespread use. English is much more complex than Esperanto, not to mention the reasons why it has become so popular around the world. Therefore, in our Positive City there will be a lot of districts (groups) created in a variety of languages, including Esperanto. Therefore, we invite everyone who speaks this language to join the Poziturbo social network too.

By the way, since we are talking about groups, we will immediately reveal a little secret. The creators of the project, the team of Levelnaut, are planning to conduct regular airdrops of their new cryptocurrency specifically for the creators of groups and moderators of the social network. But at the moment there is no more detailed information and this is an additional reason to join the project at a very early stage.

Another interesting point and one specific feature of the project. Since Levelnaut specializes in the selection of the best projects for making money on the Internet, this Positive City will also be happy to welcome people who are experts in this matter. Thus, if you have achieved real success in any form of earnings on the Internet and are ready to share information with other users, then you will be glad to be here.

Of course, this is a very short introduction to the new social network, but you can consider this article a business card, and find out all the details later on the website in the social network Poziturbo or on the Levelnaut website. Registration is open and free at All the trends mentioned in this article do not pretend to be the official world ones, but are becoming very popular in the levelnaut community. But you, dear readers, can determine for yourself what is interesting to you and what is not. Our task is to share information and wish you the realization of your plans in 2021.

Boris Siomin,

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Businessman, networker, Levelnaut and LEEnjoy founder

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