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Elvenland is a Gamified Introduction to the Crypto World.

Elvenland Projects - 26 Different projects with online and offline products.

Elvenland citizenship - citizenship will play key role in Elvenland & Game development.

Benefits of citizenship - citizens of Elvenland will get 50% discount in all our Online and Offline products.

Game - available only for Citizens.

Levelnaut - (self development & earning website) - Citizens can earn money by improving their skills - available only for Citizens.

Game - Total 26 Level, In every level game was decided by the Citizens and who finishes every level will get rewarded.

Join Telegram https://t.me/elvenlandstate

If you are not an absolute beginner in the crypto world, then you are probably now preparing for the fact that Bitcoin will soon begin to storm the 100$K height. This is quite understandable, because this is how it always happened with bitcoin – after a rollback, its rate always grew, because more and more people began to understand that the future belongs to cryptocurrency.

At the same time, in the crypto world there are always options with which you can catch a “goldfish” and make very good money. Now I mean investing in new, promising projects that have a good idea, a creative team and a loyal community.

Now I will tell you about the Elven Land project, the work on which has been going on for quite some time, but only now this project is entering a large crypto market and is only preparing to win millions of new supporters.


The official history of the creation of Elven Land began with the Levelnaut project, which is now the second part of a large project collectively called Elven Land. At the moment, Elven Land has three major stages of development and Levelnaut is only in the second position on this list – Elven Land, Levelnaut and Elven Chest. however, it all started with the Levelnaut project.

For the first time, the idea of ​​creating an independent project called Levelnaut appeared in 2019. Many Internet users remember this year well because of the huge number of scam (fraudulent) projects. This year there were so many of them in the field of making money on the Internet that it was almost impossible to find a more or less reliable project.

Internet users lost a huge amount of money, mainly cryptocurrencies, but the situation not only did not improve, but, on the contrary, became worse and worse.

It was then that a small group of users from different countries, under the leadership of the current CEO of Levelnaut, Boris Semin, decided to unite and exchange operational information on this topic. thus, the first group on the Telegram network appeared, which was called CoinsFree. After that, the group changed its name several times and was even completely re-created. As a result of this, the groups BestCrypto, CryptoNetLeader and others appeared.

But the main meaning of all these associations remained the same – the exchange of information, which makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of joining a fraudulent project.


It should also be noted that Boris Siomin already by that time was the author of the book about time management and goal setting , which featured levelnauts. In addition, he had already officially opened his own online business and all that remained was to combine all ideas and people into one big project.

This is exactly what happened on October 10, 2020. The Levelnaut project was created and even began to develop successfully, but the era of cryptocurrency came and it was necessary to urgently switch to using the blockchain in order to successfully compete in the market. But then it turned out that despite the popularity of the main cryptocurrency – bitcoin, not all Internet users understand what a crypt is in general. It was at this moment that the idea of ​​creating the Elven Land project appeared, which was originally created on the Tron blockchain, and the first Elven cryptocurrency appeared on May 19, 2021.


So, this is what the original mission description of the Elven Land project looked like.

1. Elven Land is a gamified introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. This part of the mission is quite simple and straightforward, since most of the planet’s inhabitants using the Internet still do not use cryptocurrency and do not even understand how to approach this topic. Many of them are well aware that cryptocurrency is money for the near future, but this topic seems too complicated for them. Therefore, a gamified introduction to the world of cryptocurrency is especially relevant, useful and interesting.

2. Providing opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to run an independent business. The Elven Land project is a very convenient place for realizing your creative abilities and ideas in business. Almost any crypto enthusiast can join one of the 26 project teams and even become the leader of that team.

3. Investment opportunities. The main problem of the Internet and all offers on the cryptocurrency market is still a huge number of scams, fake projects and fraudulent schemes. Every investor dreams of finding a reliable project in which a serious team works, there is a large crypto community in which you can safely invest money and not worry about it being lost. Moreover, here each investor can create their own portfolio and diversify their investments using any set of 26 coins. Elven Land is just such a project, here all information is absolutely open and available to any Internet user.



ELVEN LAND is a gamified introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. GameFi version of the project is described in the book by Boris Siomin Elven Land. This part of the project provides for the creation of 26 cryptocurrencies on the Binance Blockchain (BSC). In addition to the game part of the project, at the first stage of the project there is also a marketing concept, the essence of which is that all citizens of the blockchain state of Elven Land receive Premium access to all platforms and services.

Each of the 26 coins has its own community and marketing services. they help to promote not only Elven Land, but also any other business projects. The first Elven Land coin is Ponto, which can be used to acquire citizenship, permanent admission, the ability to participate in the work and even the government of the blockchain.

LEVELNAUT – is a person, that is, a traveler in time and space, who goes through various levels of his self-development. A more detailed description can be found in the book Levelnauts by Boris Semin. The key difference from other people is that all other people, one way or another, can also move to the next levels of development, but the initiative will not always come from himself, but from the demands of society.

The Levelnaut project also provides for the creation of 26 cryptocurrencies on the Binance Blockchain (BSC). Unlike the Elven Land part, the main purpose of adopting these 26 coins is to encourage self-development and reward self-improvement on the one hand, as well as for strengthening the community and initial contribution to the overall development of the project on the other.

ELVEN CHEST – this part of the project provides for the implementation of all projects and ideas that, for one reason or another, were not included in the first parts of the project, but also has a great potential for development and application. At the moment, all the details about this part of the project are under development and information about them is not published.

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