26.09 - Conference at Solidar club

By borishaifa | Levelnaut's News | 24 Sep 2019

351665157-b7d7ae7c00f019ca0c60df434573ad4092295cf880641cd4293244193c198fd1.pngOn September 26, 2019, at 15.00 (Moscow Time), the next Solidar Club International Online Conference will be held.

For the first time in history! Leaders of large world teams unite in one community to profit from all business projects that appear on the market!

All your leads will take part in the same projects as you! Super system of team pools! Everyone can tell about their business to the target audience. Keep up to date with all world trends! Join us, watch the presentations, and speak yourself!

There also will be an introduction of our club members and new business partners from Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique and many other countries.

You will learn about new profitable projects and promising start-ups, potential areas of Solidar Club activity.

I would also like to remind, that in early October, all club members will receive the first payments for their participation in the project and this event will be broadcast online.

This month, our club has opened chats and groups in many languages and in the near future there will be more. Also, all project participants will have their own rooms, in which statistics will be displayed.

You can find all the necessary information, as well as a link to the conference, on the page of my personal team in the Solidar club https://levelnaut.com/cryptonetleader so I recommend you to subscribe to my blog once again to keep abreast of events.

And as usual, you will find many surprises and gifts. Do not miss this meeting, plan your visit to the conference in advance and invite all friends of your team members to it.

Boris Siomin,

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