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Becoming a Farmer

By AryaStark | Letters from Hell | 15 Mar 2023

Yes, my friends, the citizen of my past is now becoming a farmer! And this is a good thing, but not too good because of the reasons to do it.

As we all know, the global economy is entering a recession. The Russian war is more extended than even Putin expected. We live in a new crypto winter, and exchanges crashed out as far as traditional banks do.

That is the cause of me being a farmer with no experience other than the internet, youtube and a little common sense.

Since I do not have fields to cultivate and like animals, I am raising quails to sell eggs.

I already had the female quails, and fortunately, talking with people, I got the male quails and then the incubator.

So, luck smiles, and I try to start my egg farmer journey.
In 17 to 21 days, the little quails begin to be born!

They're so cute that I would like to have them as a pet. But business is business, and now I have to raise them and wait 40 days and see if they are female or male!

Well, my friends, this story will continue. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your week!

Baby quails

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