Finding Balance in a Hectic World: Prioritizing Self-Care and Productivity

By letssittt | Letssittt | 4 Dec 2023

Unfortunately with the fast pace in life today it makes maintaining proper balance almost impossible. At work, at home or out in the world, most often we are busy working, taking care of our kids, achieving our goals and aspirations. At this period, most people do not even bother about taking care of their bodies when several occurrences have been taking place globally. However, prioritizing self-care yields more benefits than just health gains. Additionally, this makes us work at our best capacity too. These activities that we perform every day help maintain health of short term, medium term and long term while reducing the level of stress. Necessity instead of a vice. It only allows us to relax, have some rest, and heal. On the other hand, productivity implies the way in which we plan our time and energy so that they result into favorable outcomes or products. busyness is not the same as success; one must be successful towards objectives. The primary stage of attaining a balance between self-maintenance and productivity is accepting that they go hand in hand. By not caring for ourselves, we reduce our productivity levels. This leads to burnout, exhaustion, and mental cloudiness, which are not desirable health conditions. Nevertheless, by putting ourselves first we are capable of coping with anxiety, making informed choices, and improving on our productivity. Achievement of this subtle balance requires setting clear boundaries. This could literally be having a specific working period per week, making regular pauses, and organizing time for free time and hobbies. Adherence to these boundaries will ensure that we give adequate time and space to work as well as self. Incorporating into our daily routines practices that help oneself feel better will assist us with this too. For instance, we would find an opportunity of doing something peaceful and relaxing such as exercising physically by just walking around, meditating, reading or engaging in any other calming activity that may rejuvenate us. We should ensure that our schedule has some bits of self-care else the chaos might be too much and we miss out on it altogether. Lastly, one has to take a position of self-management of a healthy lifestyle, among others, abandoning the idea that “busy is productive” and understanding that rest comes before working for best output. At end, ensuring balance under the crowded lifestyles is about understanding that these go hand in hand. Creating some minutes for a general upkeep will enable us perform daily actions well and hence enhance the general quality of life. Hence, let us commence with the journey towards self-care and productivity for today, one step at a time.

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