π (PI) : a new crypto is coming into town

By Cryptora | Let's Try This Crypto | 1 Dec 2021

What's π ? 

Pi is a new cryptocurrency which can be mined using your phone, it doesn't affect your phone performance because your phone will be used just to state that you are "alive and ready to mine", in fact you just need to press a button on the app everyday to start mine pi at various rate (0.10 π/hr up to "infinite"). 
Pi was built by Stanford Phd's to build one of the most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace in the world. 

How much is a π worth ? 

Right now π is not listed in any exchange site but some prediction state that will start likely a dollar for each coin. 


How can i mine π ? 

You can mine π through your phone, just download the app, verify your account via facebook or phone number and start mine ! If you want to mine at the highest rate possibile invite as many friends as you can, if the mine everyday you will receive an extra 0.02 π/hr
If you are interested in mining this crypto you can start using this link : and if you use my name ( MatBon98 ) as invite code you can start mining already at 0.12 π/hr !

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