Fire Faucet: Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Fire Faucet.

By Hoi | Lets Talk about | 18 Apr 2020

I have been on the this site called FireFaucet for a real good while now. I've always barely had any problems with FF. So lets get into the nitty gritty details of the pros and con of firefaucet.

What is Fire Faucet you may ask?
It's an auto faucet collection company from India

according to their FAQ 

This website works like an auto faucet, it allows you to automatically claim multiple currencies at once on the same page without doing anything! This helps you earn your favorite currencies and level up at the same time!

Perfect! I have been to a lot of auto faucets before and they have been utter shit to me with stipulations like extreme high minimums with very low payout that takes forever for you to withdraw your favorite cryptocurrency. Always bothered me. 

What Currency does Fire Faucet have? 

Glade you asked!

All 9 currencies! I hope they add more!

They have 9 Currencies for you to choose from, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge (personal fave), Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Tron, Zcash, and Digibyte! 
I hope soon they will add more to their roster. 

How do I obtain all these currencies to put in my wallet?
Good Question, friendo! Fire Faucet has made it really easy for you to send all your crypto to your decentralized wallet.

I personally recommend Atomic Wallet since it accepts all cryptocurrencies except for monero. Plus, I adore their staking program. highly recommend Atomic Wallet. 
Get this! you can enter all the wallet addresses in this section called: Wallet Address. That is the first thing you need to do to get all your stuff in order.

Now we get to the juicy part! In order to get more coins. you have to do some work to get it! Here are your options.

Forgot to mention, Fire Faucet gives you "in-faucet" currency called ACP (Auto Claim Points) You can use ACP to convert to your favorite crypto of your choosing on the roster. However Here is quote of their conversion rate 

* Bitcoin cost more then 1 ACP per payout, which is equal to the number of ACP which minimum needed to make 1 BTC satoshi or more.
Decimal value of the payout is saved in our database, whenever it reaches more then 1, it's added to payout during auto claim!

For Example: If 8 ACP = 1.2 BTC Satoshi, then at every 5th payout, 2 Satoshi will be sent instead of just 1. 


You can do
+Shortlinks (Pretty much going to websites inputing Captcha information while trying find the captcha in the heavily add riddled website
Not recommended to do this route since it's a slow way to earn ACP and leveling up to gain more ACP.  I learned that the hard way. 

I also want to mention with short links that there are shitty advertisement/websites that will force you to stay there or act like a fake virus. That is why Fire Faucet has a good support team so you can report them to remove these assholes. 

+MoreQuiztime This one is not hard to do. all you have to do is answer surveys. and quizzes. 


I heavily recommend TheoremReach as that gives you the highest payout in ACP and leveling, plus it doesn't bullshit with you in doing surveys.

I have personally done a lot of Crypto surveys on other auto faucets sites and it never pays out and keeps going on and on and on. TheoremReach doesn't pull that kind of shit and actually pays you what it's say, plus if the survey kicks you out half way through, TheoremReach will pay half and you also still get leveled up! How cool is that? There other quizzes/surveys are ok and a bit of a time waster and you end up getting none to little pay in ACP. 

+Fuacet That's self explanatory and all you have to do is solve the captcha and wait thirty minutes. 

+Offerwalls It Redirects backs to Morequiztime. Same page, nothing to see here. why even add that button when it goes to the same page? 

+Tasks Basically it's a page that shows you what you need to do. Not hard to follow.Just like in one of those videogames!

+PTC(pay to click) This is my favorite section because it's so goddamn simple to do. You go to the website, sit there for 10 seconds, hit the continue button and get your ACP. Fucking easy. 

Just visit to get 50 ACP each. What a deal!

Now that you have successfully earned and leveled up to get ACP. you can finally choose to use the auto faucet or you can just directly convert all the or some ACP for your favorite crypto currency. 

I like to go with Doge, because that is a much more higher conversion rate with ACP. 

Keep in mind when you do withdraw your crypto currency of your choosing. There is a minimum with each wallet. 
Lets run the numbers! 

BTC: Minimum Withdrawal - 0.0003

ETC: Minimum Withdrawal - 0.006 

Doge: Minimum Withdrawal - 200

LTC: Minimum Withdrawal - 0.014

Dash: Minimum Withdrawal - 0.014

Monero: Temporarily down (this will be updated later) 

TRX: Minimum Withdrawal - 40 

ZEC: Minimum Withdrawal - 0.01

DGB: Minimum Withdrawal - 50

Best part about this? No Fees for direct deposit to your private wallet! AH-MAZE-ZING!
these are very lose minimums and if you do the surveys, you'll by pass these in no time. 

They got a real good support team with a built in chat system for the community

They have happy hour that gives you a %50 bonus your ACP.

They have direct deposit with zero fees attached.

Always updating and adding new features to benefit the individual. 

Leveling up feature for you to get more ACP based on your level. 


Fire Faucet it heavily supported by online Advertisement. 

Once in a while ads that will fuck with your browser and force you to stay on the website until you have to right click and hit task manager and temporarily disconnect from the internet to click out of that shitty ads that is tabbed on your browser.  It's really annoying!


Other than that I think Fire Faucet is a pretty good site to get some extra income. Especially during this pandemic. 





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