Today's episode we talk about Pi network!

Lets Talk about Pi

By Hoi | Lets Talk about | 25 Mar 2020

I think that Pi is a Scam. 

Before we get into it. Let this video explain what Pi Network is.

Pi Network is Apparently the "First digital currency you can mine on your phone".

I just want to let you know for the record that Pi is not, "the first" that has done this. There has been many other platforms that have tried to mine cryptocurrency on smart phones before.  The problem; Not enough power.  It would practically kill your phone by the time you get 1 bitcoin. Not even worth it! 

Pi has Pre mined coins

You're not really mining pi. Pi is actually mining off of many smart phones that have the app connected to the network. That is how they make their money.  What they give you to make you think you are mining is pre-mined Pi. That way they can keep your attention for you to keep the app on your smart phone

Over on 4chan on the /biz/ board I have seen many people Shill Pi Network like crazy. Trying to get those tasty referrals!

Don't want to fomo do yeah?

Pi Network is a Scam

Here are my reasons why I view Pi network as a scam.

  • Not on Mainnet
  • No wallet number
  • Not on any of the major Crypto Exchanges
  • No smart contract safety
  • Not on Github 
  • No proof of work

They have been promising this for a good while according to their white paper.  

I also love the fact that on their FAQ they they need to explain to you they are not a scam.

You know it's a scam when they have to tell you they are not a scam. 

That's what a lot of MLM people start off with

There was even one point where a BitCola was doing an illegal sale of Pi last year of October 16,2019.


Spoiler: BitCola still is selling them.

Not only that but Hong Kong Exchange called FUBT is selling Pi illegally. 


How the hell am I supposed to Sell my pi if I'm unable to withdraw them, eh? What gives!

Real question is, where did you get the Pi coins, MA? MAAA?!?!?!


To me; at the end of the day. You're wasting your time. Pi network is there to make a profit off of you. You're not going to win. 



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