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By redcat | Let's make money together! | 27 Oct 2021

Hello, friends!
Today I want to talk with you about the KOII - NFT platform. The information is not the newest, but it is still relevant.
Why am I writing about this:
Of course, because you can make money here. The very essence of KOII is similar to publish0x: rewarding content creators. But there are differences: in KOII, awards are not credited for likes / reactions, but simply for views. There is a certain pool of rewards per day, which is divided among all views and distributed among all participants. This system is similar to mining: content creators are miners here.
That's not all. The second point that I want to focus on is that beta testing is happening now. And according to the developers, the rewards received during testing will be multiplied by 1000 when the platform goes to the main network. Yes, there is a huge total of coins. But look at WAX - 20-30 cents per coin. KOII may well reach similar volumes.
So, the third point: The investor of the project is Coinlist. I think it is unnecessary to comment on this point. It's just a very positive thing.
In my opinion, participating in the KOII testing is a must. Firstly, you do not invest your funds, and secondly, you will receive 1000 coins on the main network for each token that you earn now during the beta testing stage.
The instruction is very simple:
Let's go here and register the FINNIE wallet.
Let's go here and get coins in the tap (you will need twitter).
Let's go here and post our creativity as NFT
Copy the link to our nft and share it with friends so that they can watch and you will earn.
It is important to note that if you share your link on social networks, then each view is also recorded by the system. Therefore, in order to earn more, share more links to your NFT.
I also want to say that some people have problems getting tokens from the faucet. I don’t know what it depends on, I had no problems with it. Also, now not all NFT are loaded onto the platform correctly. So be prepared for trouble. And you can get answers to your questions on the community discord server.
* you can also write your question in the comments, I will try to help if I know the answer to your question.

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Let's make money together!
Let's make money together!

Now, with the development of cryptocurrency, you can earn a little by having a device and access to the Internet. Almost everyone has such conditions. I like to get some money online. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to airdrops, various promotions, where you can earn something. I myself often take information on this resource from other authors who share in good ways. But some methods are not here, so I decided to talk about them too. We will earn together.

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