Positive Global Cues amidst the War time for our investment decisions!

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As we continuously track the global cues to position/ re-position of our investments amidst the most troubling times that the world is undergoing at present.

I would like to share the important news that are being taken place which would certainly boost the Crypto markets with the gist. I have also appended the details with links for you to explore more detailed information on this. 

During the war time of Russia and Ukraine which enters the 25th day at the time of writing this article, I have compiled few of the news that make support the Crypto market which is for your knowledge and consideration.

1. The voting failed against Crypto Currencies in EU Parliament


The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) is a committee of the European Parliament which is responsible for the regulation of financial services, the free movement of capital and payments, taxation and competition policies, oversight of the European Central Bank, and the international financial system. It has voted against the de-facto of the POW-ban. There were 24 votes in favour while 32 were registered against the motion. This mean the Crypto Ban in European Union was failed. This is of the positive factor for Cryptos.


2. Legalisation of Cryptos in Ukraine


Amidst the war with Russia, Ukraine has legalised the Cryptos. This would enable the country to access to the support through Cryptos. The Ukrainian President has signed the law of the Virtual Assets. With this both foreign and Ukrainian crypto exchanges can operate legally. The banks would open accounts for crypto companies. This considers as an important step towards the development of Crypto markets in Ukraine. In the very difficult time of Ukrain, the power of crypto donations had made a huge impact and people understood the power of the Crypto Space. It is said that over 10 million dollars of Cryptos have been raised by Ukrainian Government.

3. Russia is also making efforts to make Crypto Legal


Though various stands for and against on Crypotos made by the Central Bank of Russia in the previous times, now it has issued the digital asset license to Sberbank. It is believed that this would help Russia to come over from the difficulties that it currently faces with the removal from the SWIFT payment procedures. 

4. The US President signed an Executive Order on Digital Assets


The US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to ensure Responsible development of Crypto Assets on March 9, 2022. This would also boost the Crypto Space as well. 

So, there are good swings of news are there to support for the Cryptos!

Explore more and stay with all the updates!



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