Crypto Updates on post FED interest rate announcement

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The much awaited interest rate hike by Federal Reserve has been announced yesterday. Indeed, this time, to a record hike of half percentage, to handle the historic inflation that US has seen in the 40 years. During the same day in the afternoon, the Central Bank of India, the Reserve Bank of India too made an announcement to hike the interest rate by 40 basis points to 4.4% to manage the inflation. The bank of England too raised the key interest rate by quarter point to 1 to beat the inflation. 

We would anticipate all the central banks would handle the same way to manage the inflation which is its all time high. 

Post announcement of the FED interest rate hike, we could see some initial boost both in the financial and Crypto Markets. 

According to data, the movements of the top 5 ranked coins are as follows:


In the Cryptomarket, in the past 24 hours, the following coins emerged as gainers:


The following coins were emerged as losers:


Let's all hope that there would be good times for the Cryptomarkets ahead amidst with the most difficult financial datas post Covid and the Russia-Ukraine war!

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