Crypto Updates in Russia

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As the Russia- Ukraine war enters into Day 70, we have been witnessing quite a few improvements on the Crypto attractions from both the countries.


What brings me more interesting is that Russia would conduct a online screening test for the Crypto Investors. Those who passes this can invest upto 6,00,000 Rubles (~ 9000 USD) per year. Those who did not clear this test, can invest only upto 50,000 Rubles (~750 USD) per year. The test would certainly create more awareness among the people on Crypto and its potential risks which would make them informed choices to move away from various scams that are being associated. I wish many more countries would also try this model of awareness creation.  I have annexed the link for you to browse more detailed information into it. 

With the ban and other uncertain financial situations, the countries have availed the aids with Cryptos which were apparent evident for the need of cryptos during the difficult times. 

While amidst the ban from US and many countries, Russian Tax Authorities proposed using Cryptos as a foreign trade payment tool for which Russia faced stiffed resistance from others. But, with all these restrictions, Crypto emerged as a strong and alternative payment systems which no one could not deny. 


See you all with some more interesting news in the next article!

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Lets get insight on Crypto

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