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Torum the unmissable unique social crypto platform.

Dear fellow readers,

I have seen the progress of TORUM since late January, and getting to know several landers as well as the support team as been a true blessing in many ways.

This awesome community embraces Torum's vision for the future like no other projects I have seen in my lifetime.

Earlier this week, Torum held it's first ISNO public sale and in a span of 20 minutes all of the NFT'S available were all sold out ! I really was lucky to be able to purchase my ever first NFT that I proudly own and will keep for a long time to come. 



ISNO Public

This speaks volume about the faith of the members and partners towards this project. The increase in membership has been spectacular in the last few weeks as word of mouth and articles about Torum are being written by it's members and Ambassadors on several blogs and social mediums.

But why do I love Torum you might ask ? Well this is a fairly easy question to answer. First off, the entire project has been in the works with much patience and has evolved as planned by the entire team. It has delivered on it's promises and there is much more to come.

And yet, aside from bringing crypto fans together, Torum has a human side and is eager to reach out to people in need.

From the pandemic's devastation in India, Torum has launched a Crypto Relief Fund to help the people of India.

For each retweet, Torum will provide $1 to the Indian NGO, Akshaya Patra.



Crypto Relief Fund.

This is what I love about a caring community like Torum and

God only knows how much this world is a better place when people unite to help their fellow men. 


My final words for you are, if you want to be a part of this great group it is very easy to join. You can also read about the roadmap and whitepaper on the website.

Furthermore you get rewarded for your participation.

Torum will do as much for you as you do for Torum.


My invitation to discover Torum and Cryptos



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