So finally I reached 1000 CUB goal.

By Rajat G | Let talk about investment. | 15 Jan 2022

So finally I reached 1000 CUB goal.

So today I made a very purchase on CUB ( to hit my goal of 1000 CUBS and surprisingly I hit it today , (thanks to some cheap CUB price and had some stash of LEO when converted to bleo gave me "little" above my desired stake and now my overall holding is 1027 CUBS.


To reach this position as shown above I purchased lot of CUB today almost 695 CUBS.


thanks @khaleelkazi for delaying this polycub project (just joking) and given me opportunity to reach this stake before the launch of Ploycub project.

For Fees Savvy readers.

I always find few of my friends keep inquiring about the fees incurred in all this process, so I noted and keep track of the fees also.

  1. When you convert LEO to bleo, fees is 1 LEO and it is irrespective of amount of LEO transferred and it comes to some 22 cents.

  2. Another fees is incurred in BNB when you do the swap and I see swap incurred the fees of .00119934 BNB and it is close to 60 cents in fees.

  3. Again I incurred fees for depositing CUB in the kingdom and it was .00239017 BNB and this come close to the $1.2 or 120 cents.

So this transaction almost cost 2 dollars.

Why CUB ?

This is the most important question is that why I am buying CUB and my reasoning for buying CUB is based on below points.

a.) CUBs in circulation
As of today total cub in circulation is 10015160 (10 million fifteen thousand and one hundred sixty.) and I see it is a very little amount of printed or in circulation. I feel this small supply has potential to explode more.

b.) Auto compounding
I love the Auto Compounding feature of the CUB Kingdoms where my cub balance is automatically compounded every day without any action required from my side.

c.) Known team
Leofinance team is now a known team and flagship LEO project is now 2 and half year old , so I feel this is a very big plus point as we know the team behind the project and it mitigates the risk of rug pulling.

d .) APY
I feel 46% APY is also a good APY for me to invest in this project , it is not too high (as compared to insane APY offered by other defi projects and later vanish) but it look sustainable and it much higher then the conventional platforms.

e.)Expansion Plan
Team is constantly expanding and working towards the expansion of project in new chains ,this will really bring lot of exposure to the project and I feel with time it will gain lot of interest.

f.) Passive stream of income
Adding passive stream of multiple income source is currently my new goal and cubdefi defi platform look to to me a trusted platform to create a passive defi income from cub Kingdom by staking Cub.

Do not forget Pleo/Polycub airdrop.

I do not how soon it can be but it will definitely happen. We all will get polycub airdrop for our cubs. I am all in for this airdrop and will try and explore a new chain (polygon chain) with these airdropped tokens, the same way that I landed in BSC chain when CUB airdropped at launch for our LEO tokens holdings.

PS: If you are interested in knowing how to convert LEO to bleo then read here my previous post on converting LEO to bleo . Invest on your own research and do not consider this post is as financial advice.

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Let talk about investment.
Let talk about investment.

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