Relax, chill, and build, Do not try to outdo the market.

Relax, chill, and build, Do not try to outdo the market.

I feel the market is now quite in good shape if it is compared to the lowest we have seen but with the high we have seen earlier in the market, we are nowhere close to that high. I guess most of the users get that "high" in their minds and try to make a decision that looks like it will help in short-term goals but actually, I feel in a bear market we should not be picking anything that looks like that might work but instead we keep ourselves prepared for the worst.



I saw the proposal that is trying to convert stables into the game currency with the assumption that the market will consume the rest of the tokens and bear is going to change into a bull and everything can go as they are planning. I do not think anything can go planned as we think so trying to time the market is a little stupid and risky.

I am also steadily moving toward my goal and trying to have my goal fixed in a few things instead of trying too many things. I feel that my progress is not as great as I expect, but I am not thinking of taking any risky bet for it and keep my patience and will see if there is any luck in the coming days.

I guess this bear market sometimes makes me also anxious especially when I see my Play2earn income and Hive second layer income to such low that it really makes me wonder whether I am spending my time wisely or not. These thoughts make me wonder to look for other options and make a strong urge to find something good and new. Interestingly, when we desperately try to find new options and not do the proper DYOR, the chances of failing are quite high, and getting something good will be pure luck. I feel may be others also feel the same anxiety and try to "create" the options, thinking that they can outdo the market and everything will go as planned by them.

I am not sure when the bull will arrive and am more unsure that when bull arrives whether I will be happily riding it, forgetting every lesson learned in bear, or will use that bull judiciously to build some strong assets that will help me to navigate another bear without anxiousness.

I think the preservation of capital and trying to increase it without taking unnecessary risks is the best strategy to follow, do not take any hasty decision without understanding the whole aspects, and at least do not think that "things" can go on the way as you planned.

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Rajat G

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