Earn money for checking the price of Bitcoin and wLeo in Coingecko.

By Rajat G | Let talk about investment. | 26 Nov 2020

Earn money for checking the price of Bitcoin and wLeo in Coingecko.

Have you wondered that even checking the price of Bitcoin and wLEO (by Leofinance) in coingecko site will help you earn some cool money.

We all know about "Earn and Learn" program on other exchanges and sites that provide you some token for learning and training but coingecko candy collection program is little different because you can collect candies by just one click.
Below is my current Candy collection.



How to claim candies?



Go on top right corner, you will see a jar, when you login daily and click on the jar, you get candies. Login continuously for seven days helps because value of candies increase on each day of continuous log.

If you login continuously for 7 days , you can claim 10+20+30+40+50+60+100 = 310 candies in a week. Only issue is that if you miss a single day, candies count will reset to 10.

Now if you are wondering how much these candies can be worth. let me show you.




So swag pack can be redeemed for 5600 candies. but if you buy it from store it will cos $80.




so claim of 310 candies in a week is equivalent to 310*80/5600 = $4.42

So just wondering, how many LEO/wLEO holder have 5600 candies to redeem this offer?

I am currently short of 150 but I will definitely get in a week.

Do any LEO/wLEO guy want to buy this offer from me.(I feel these offers are slow moving and it will stay more than a week.).

If In case if you do not know what LeoFinance is then you can read about this platform at https://leopedia.io/faq/#what-is-leofinance

If you are wondering about wLeo then you can read about wLEO at https://leopedia.io/wleo/

LeoFinance allow you to earn LEO that you can swap for wLEO and wLEO can be swapped for ETH in defi pool. So it is also equivalent to mining ETH from blogging.


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Hope you have liked it, Please feel free to follow me at https://leofinance.io/@r1s2g3

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Rajat G

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Let talk about investment.
Let talk about investment.

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