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What Survival Should Mean To Us

By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 15 Dec 2022


Survival Means Learning From Past Experiences 


It's been more than two years that  had passed,  and those years were like nightmares that no one liked to dreamed of.  What experiences had been experienced  were stories to be told with much sorrows , griefs , pains , difficulties , isolations, inactivity  and unproductivity.


Those years of pandemic experienced which no one had expected,  brought much  sorrows to them who lost their loved ones. And such sorrows were not only experienced in one country but globally.  

Personally , I had such experienced of losing a loved one during that time. I was in the city and my  younger brother who died  lived in our house in the province. I was not able to go home due to strict protocols implemented by the govt.

I just saw pictures of his coffin and interment and nothing more.

Secondly,  a closed friend  died . Her family lived in California , USA.  I was notified by her husband  of her death and cremation. Her ashes were brought here in the Philippines and had a funeral service  but I was not able to come , because I was already home at the province , when I had the opportunity to go home . Strict restrictions to travel by the time I went home to the province was not implemented maybe due to the coming national election that time.

The husband told me by chat how he struggled emotionally, because he was not allowed to be on her wife's side on her last days in the hospital and on her last breath.

There are other deaths of my childhood friends which I had last seen before pandemic when we had reunion Jan. 2019.  I never did expect that it was my last bonding moments with them. 


There are lots of Difficulties experienced during the pandemic days, that I think anyone don't want to remember anymore. Remembering them would truly  brought tears . And I would not anymore go to it in details.


It's all over and whatever it brought had taught us a lesson learned in life, that anything can happen unexpectedly. And whatever life's situation is,  faith and  trust in God must continue . 


Survival Means Creating New Memories that Emanates from what was Learned from the Past

I thanked God that we survived the long period of pandemic situations. That though it gave us unpleasant memories, yet something good out of it was realized. It was like a wake up call for each one to realize  that life is so precious to be possessed  , to be lived purposely and meaningfully with people whom God allowed us to be with .

For the young ones who survived, they must have realized that nothing or no one is permanent in this world.  Change is constant. Life is to be lived each day doing the best that can be done, and not to procrastinate the important things to be done, because we don't know what will happen next or what tomorrow will bring us.

For the old ones or senior like me, whose days are getting shorter and shorter,  must realize more things than the younger ones. The past experiences that they have gone through must have made them more loving, kind, understanding , patient, forgiving , humble , generous, wiser, and most importantly God fearing, being a true example of godly life and virtues that would guide and direct the young ones in life at present to equipp them in life's situations and challenges. The spiritual life must be much more stronger to have a balanced life to live on this earth .

As seniors one should have already made  preparations in leaving this earth , looking forward to the life hereafter, which is the most important for it is the permanent life , because it is eternal. 


As a closing remarks and reminder, to each one, Life is short and temporary in this earth. In our earthly life is the only chance that we've got to prepare on the permanent and eternal.  

We must be reminded that we were born into this world having nothing in our hands and naked. And so we will leave this earth in the same way.  

Our physical bodies which is corruptible and mortal will return to dust from which it was taken, but our soul which is immortal will have its destination in eternity , either in heaven or hell.

Our only hope to be in heaven is Jesus Christ alone. He came was born  on earth to be our Saviour. He became our Saviour when He took our sins and paid the penalty of our sins by His death on the cross.  He died, was buried but rose again from the dead . He is our Living and Loving Saviour that we need to believe , accept  and trust by faith. 

May your celebration of His birth this holiday season makes it so meaningful and purposeful by  accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour. I just hope you won't miss heaven as your destination as you leave this earth . 

God bless everyone . 








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Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

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