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By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 17 Jul 2021


We are identified by the name given to us by our parents. Such name given to us was as important as being a person. It is our identification all through our life. It is being written in our birth certificate, a very important document, to be registered in the municipality we belong to. It is a confirmation of our identity to the family we belong to, as well as a confirmation of our existence. Beside the name given to us our physical features and characteristics individually within a family distinguishes us from other families. Somehow it added to the facts of our identity to the family we belong to.


The basic needs of food, shelter, clothings, as well as education are supposed to be provided by the head of the family, as it was in the beginning. But this kind of a tradition had changed. In our modern day system it is dealt with in a case to case basis. There are cases in which both the  husband and the wife works to provide all the family needs. In other cases a compromise is used to settle the problem, if husband had no job, the wife pursue a job. There was a exchange of roles. And I must say it is man's way and not God's way.


The primary concern of our family as soon as we are born is to give the best care that they could possibly give. Because of the love they have toward us , time spent , efforts given, are but precious and enjoyable moments for share to us.They fed us the most nutritious milk, breast milk by moms who are able to give, for other moms the best milk they could afford is being availed for us, just to see to it that  we grow healthy , strong, and happy.

Physical growth is just one of the kind that our family cares about. They also care about our mental, emotional.and social growth. Our parents were our first teachers. They spent time to teach us things that must be learned, to prepare us to relate to people around us and to our environment. Not only did we learn from what they taught us but also from what they show us from their actions and in what they let us feel according to how they deal with us or treat us. As we grow older and still dependent on them, they remained to be loving and caring, teaching us more and training us to some tasks they knew we are able to do. We gave them joy when they saw we learned and practiced what we have learned from them. Especially the values, good manners and right conducts.


As we grow older, even before we realized about future our parents is preparing us for our future. They have something in their mind what they want us to be in the future. Parents of course vary in this regard. There are parents that wanted to have one of their children to be what they want to be because of their failure to become one that they have dreamed of to be. There are parents who just leads, guides or suggests, giving their children to decide for it later.

Education , for parents is the best way they have in mind to prepare their children to school. For them it is the best heritage they could give. Once getting educated , what they children learned will remained in them and cannot be stolen from them. Parents who can afford send their children to school up to the highest level of education the children can achieved. But for parents who can't afford, could give only as far as they could afford of a level of education. But there are still those though they can't afford was determined to go beyond their means just to secure the highest education their children can achieve. This  ideal of getting education to some becomes a reality but not to others. Realities in life, must be accepted and must lived by it. Not all children in the same family achieved what their parents dreamed for them to achieve, but somehow they did their best .


Our family is a blessing given by God to us. It is from our family that we find our refuge  and strenght. It is where the  foundation of our beginning and existence lies. Our family accepts us and loved us and will always be there for us whenever we needed them . Our whole being as a person is first moulded by our parents. All the first-hand knowledge and experiences comes from our family. From childhood ,and times of being dependent to parents , they are our constant companions, whose attention and warmth love is felt . And yet even we become independent from them all through their lives they are the ones whom we turn to for refuge and strenght.


Anyone may not realized this, but our family has a great influence in our lives. In many matters or aspects in our lives. Our behaviour, way of thinking , communicating and dealing with people. More so in making decisions whether it be personal or not. Our family first comes into our minds when choosing our profession, our friends, a special someone, a job , or anything. The reasons maybe behind this trend, is the deep attachment and bonding we have with our parents and family.


This a very familiar and popular quotes which was handed down from ears to ears.Honestly I didn't know from.whom it originated but somehow I've known it and believe in it.

Praying is an act of worshipping the True and Living God. It is a manifestation that a person or group of persons doing it , shows faith and trust to God who is Almighty, All Powerful, Loving and Merciful God. A family whose faith and trust is focus to God will eventually stays together for God in whom they believed in is with them to guide them and help them face the difficulties and challenges in life. AS A FAMILY THEY MADE GOD THEIR REFUGE AND STRENGHT IN THIER LIVES.



















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Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

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