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The Life Journey of the First Man on Earth

By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 31 Jul 2021

The Best Source of Information

There are lots of resources where we can gather informations nowadays but I chose none other than the Bible. It gives us reliable informations and I believe God, through the Holy Spirit, God will give us understanding to the truths revealed  For us to know God personally, and other things God wants us to know, we just have to come to God in faith.

Hebrews 11:6 " But without faith it is impossible to please God; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." 

Book of Genesis

Previously I have mentioned that Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament. It is the book of Beginnings. It records not only the beginning of the heavens and the earth, and of plant, animal, and, but also of all human institutions and relationships.  From this book , we can see the account of The Life Journey of the First Man on Earth  named ADAM.


The very day (sixth day) of Adam's existence God is there. The day he was formed from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life. It is the day the first man became a living soul.


1.  God prepared the place called Garden of Eden for him to live

  • It is the place where God provided for his sustenance and refuge
  • It is the place where he was given the responsibility of taking care of it
  • It is the place where he was given a command for his safety and protection.

2. God prepared his Companion

God has been the first companion of Adam beginning from his existence. And God made him a fitted companion , a helpmeet, a woman , named Eve.

The prepared companion for Adam , a woman 

God caused a deep sleep for Adam and took one of his ribs and God made a woman out of it. This may sound impossible for us to imagine but science has discovered  anesthesia and cloning is possible. The God created being was called  a woman because she was taken from man.

3. God instituted marriage

After God made the woman, God brought the woman to man to be his helpmeet and a wife to complete him, and be the  proginetor of the generations of human race. God meant marriage a permanent relationship here on earth. God intended it to be a one man-woman relationship

4. God gave task & responsibility to the  man . He is to take care of the garden in which he lived in.

5. God gave the man the dominion over all the creatures in the earth. He had the privilege to give names to each animals therein. 

6.God' s authority to the first man was manifested through a given commmandment. This is stated in :

  • Genesis 2: 16,17  And the Lord God commanded the man saying, " Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat;  But of the tree of  the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.
  • The commandment was two fold
  • The first -  they can freely eat of the fruits of every tree in the garden.
  • The second  - they could not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which is in the midst of the garden in which the tree of life is there too. Since there were two trees in the midst of the garden to choose from she decided to choose the forbidden fruit instead of the tree of life. There was a free will given to her but her free will was not rightly used.
  • God stated the consequences if they would it of its fruit.
  • God's commandment shows that they have freedom to enjoy,  privilege to cherish , and a choice or decision to make : to obey or disobey.


1.Encounter with the Tempter

It was the woman who met the Tempter in the garden, in the place wherein the forbidden fruit was. While she was there she talked with the Tempter. The conversation was about the commandment they received from God.

Let us find out who this Tempter was. The Bible says it is one of the creatures in the garden, the serpent. Looking back before the woman was created , animals of different kinds were the man's constant companions. The animals were harmless, freely roaming around the garden. The man was given dominion over them and for sure God has given these animals such discernment towards such authority of the man over them. And when the woman was the helpmeet of the man these same harmless animals were her constant companions too in the garden. We can conclude that the serpent and the woman knew the commandment of God , because they are talking about it isn't it ?

  • The conversation -  The Tempter started the conversation and the woman responded or entertained  the tempter's sequence of questions pertaining to the commandment.
  • Woman's responses to tempter's questions and suggestions triggered doubts in her heart and mind that she took of the fruit and eat it.
  • The tempter's attempt in persuading the woman to disobey the commandment was successful.
  • The woman on the other hand , was a victim of the subtleness of such persuasion of the Tempter and became a failure. Her failure, and disobedience was due to her doubts of the truthfulness in what God has said.
  • The woman listened to the creature more than the Creator who made her. She doubted God  & believed the serpent. She trusted the tempter's  lie  and trusted not  the Creator's words of truthfulness.
  • The man came to the scene when the woman had eaten the forbidden fruit and had eaten of it too when the woman gave some to him . 
  • The man's act must have been triggered by compromise with the woman who completed him and must have thought not to be separated from her whatever could be the result it would take.
  • So both the man and the woman , together as one failed and disobeyed God who created them.

This is the first episode of the journey of life of the first man with the woman. Both of them took the first step of their journey in life , sad to say in disobedience to God.

I think I have to end up with this event for now and somehow continue with the journey of life of the first man with the woman next time. 

I would just like to cite some of my personal insights of lessons to be learned in life from this Biblical story. 

God has given us this planet earth to live in to sustain us for our survival, safety and enjoyment. As human beings we have the responsibility to take care of it. The plants , the trees , the body of waters and the animals. They are important to us more than we know it. God knows it's important to us and we needed it. In this regard the first man , Adam had been responsible in taking care of the garden in which he dwell and might be busy with it , that he was not with the woman at the time the Tempter was there to tempt the woman. Unexpected circumstance in life may come. And we ought to hold on God, by believing His words , to guide us in whatever decisions to make  in life. We should not doubt Him for He gives the best for us and is concern for our safety and protection. Whether we be alone & without our companion in life we could stand on our own to decide accdg. to God's command. Loved ones cannot be with us or watch us all the time , but God is . We should always keep in heart and mind , realized and be aware God is with us, watching us, and will see us through in our journey in life. We are not to judge  the actions of the first man and woman but we ought to learn from them, from their failures. 

Pertaining to the responsibility given by God to man regarding the taking care of the garden in which they dwell, they have enjoyed it because they have been responsible of taking care of it. In the same way , we should have been enjoying this mother earth to the fullest if we had been responsible enough in taking care of our mother earth which God allowed us to live. But sad to say, though we are technically advanced , so to say,  we fall short  in this  regards of taking care of our mother nature. Nowadays , we saw and experienced the results of what was done to our mother nature. Our forest were devastated, our water and air are polluted, there was a tremendous climate change and maybe many more negative results because of human's irresponsibility of taking care of our mother earth. Sometimes we blame God for the disasters happenning to us not realizing we are to be blame for it.

As a conclusion I would say , we ought to  be a responsible being before God  spiritually, morally, & socially . Taking care of our environment is taking care of ourselves. How we take care of ourselves and nature is giving our honor and respect to God who created us and all things .

Thanks again for reading this article. I hope somehow it became an eye opener for us to see how to take our life journey more clearly as we go on travelling this earth.





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Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

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