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The Beginning of My Life Journey

By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 12 Jul 2021

     In a rural area , part of Central Plain of Luzon,  called the Rice Granary of the Philippines, lived a simple couple who had already sixth children before I came into their life as the seventh child and at the process of time following after me were another five children.

     At that time no family planning was encouraged by the government. So the family that I belong to was a big family. Having such a big family during those times was not as difficult to raise, but not as easy as well compared to the present time and situation these days. 

     We lived a simple life just like any other in our community. The basic needs of food, clothing and shelter is met. Since our place was called to be the Rice granary of the Philippines, the main crop here is rice, the secondary ones are corn, peanuts and vegetables.

     My parents owned a residential lot with our own small house and a 3 hectars of land, far from our residential house. Part of that piece of land were rice fields , and part for vegetable crops and fruit trees. Our basic food needs comes from the harvested crops.  

     At a very young age still unaware of how life really goes, my parents taught each one of us having responsibilities at home. My elder brothers and sisters helped in household chores like cooking , washing  and ironing clothes and cleaning the house. As the seventh child, having younger sibling after me I took care of one or two that I could care and play with . And washing plates and kitchen utensils were assigned to me. No complains are accepted, we are expected to obey and do our responsibilities assigned to us.

     During harvest seasons of any crop,at a  age of 9 I learned how to work and earn some amount of money by gleaning rice during harvest season of rice. Any accumulated rice from gleanings is being sold to rice buyers in our place . The money was used for my personal needs because I worked for it .

     During harvest of peanuts , my mother will take me and my 2 older brothers to harvest in the field of others. We will be given our due shares upon harvesting by the owner of the field. I can still remember how so early we should wake up to go to the field. The moon was still up in the sky as to light our path in going to the field by feet. We would arrive at the place still the moon was our light rooting up the peanut plants. By the time we will finish rooting up all the peanut plants the sun rises. Then we will gather up all those rooted peanut plants to a designated place wherein we will separate the peanuts from the stalks of the plant. Before the sun rise get hot my older brothers and my mother has put up our shelter to get rid of the heat of the sun using the stalks of peanut plants as our shades. While they separate peanuts from the stalks my mother will send me back home to get food and be back to the field. My mother was unmindful of any negative thoughts of me  going astray or any untoward incidents on the way for me and  it's my way of thinking too. As a young child we are taught and brought up to be an obedient child. We would be a whole day in the field and we would be back home by sunset having with us the fruits of our labors not money but peanuts.

     By the time harvesting of peanuts was over we will be enjoying the peanuts for quite many days. Mother will dried some and cooked it to make for our hot peanut drinks in the morning. Others will be cooked with its shell as salted peanuts to be preserved and to be eaten later. 

     I still have lots to share about memories of my childhood days which later in life in my adulthood I never regreted to have gone through such difficulties in life. It had helped me in facing life's reality in its complexities.

Good afternoon ,

God is my Refuge and Strenght





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Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

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