By Allemsam21 | Lessons learned in life | 12 Jul 2021

Personally , I considered my life as a journey in this earth. It is a temporary journey that must be given wise choice and decision, preparations, prayers to our True & Living God for provision and protection to have a safe travel in reaching the right destination.

I am sure many of us experienced how to travel, whether it be a short or long travel, here or abroad. I have not experienced travelling abroad so I might as well not capable enough to tackle it here.

So I will be sharing how my travel here is in my country the Philippines, wherein God in His permissive will allows me to be.

In my journey in life I always acknowledge God in my life. I believe He is the source of my life and everything to sustain me in my life's journey as I travel from place to place at certain times as He allows. I believe God is my safest companion in every travel in my life's journey. And I have come to realized these things way back many years ago when I come to know God personally, Jesus Christ, as my own Lord and personal Saviour.

As my introductory post, I hope I have somehow  made an impact that might interest you to follow my blog Lessons learned in life.

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I am a widow since 2014 and registered on fb Jan. 2015. I enjoyed posting and commenting & playing online games for my pass time. Since then up to now I am an active user of social media. I really want to earn so I will try my best in this app.

Lessons learned in life
Lessons learned in life

Life experiences, personal insights & thoughts that could help inspire and motivate, to face life's situations in different aspects of life.

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