Zapper: Manage your Defi portfolio and optimise your farming

Zapper: Manage your Defi portfolio and optimise your farming

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 27 Jun 2020



Zapper is an amazing wallet allowing you to manage your portfolio and make the most of it in the Defi univers. 

Zapper was formed as a result of DeFiSnap + DeFiZap coming together


  • Invest.

    Browse unique opportunities available across the always expanding list of available DeFi platforms.

  • Monitor.

    Get a snapshot of all your DeFi assets & liabilities.

  • Manage.

    Easily re-balance between DeFi platforms or create your own opportunities.


There is other "wallet" to manage your portfolio, like, Zerion for instance. I think that both are complementary as they don't have exactly the same features. So you should try both and decide ! 
Of course you can link you metamask wallet or your Ledger.

First i really like the interface You have all infos at the same place and it's really easy to have an overview of your wallet. 


You can also decide to have an other view with more details


Of course you can see all your transactions. And also export everything as a .CSV file ! this can be very useful to pay taxes :)


Some thing a I also like, is that you can see what you have exaclty in a pool if you are an LP. For instance if you are LP in Curve you can see the % of pool share you have, but also the proportion of each token.  


Become a LP very easily 


If you are interested by Defi, you probably heard of the new fancy expression "yield farming" and the explosion of governance tokens with the COMP from Compound or BAL from Balancer.

With Zapper you can very easily add your token to a pool, you just need to go to "Invest", select the pool, and press on "Add Liquidity" 


And what is really amazing here is that as, zapper is DeFiSnap + DeFiZap , you will use the power ofDeFiZap to provide liquidity in the pool

How it works ?


Exemple: You want to be an LP in the Uniswap  DAI/ ETH  pool but you only have ETH in your wallet. 
So you just have to select the amount of ETH you want. here 20 ETH. hen it will sell half of it to get DAI and then put it in the pool. But you can do it only with one click ! amazing ! You save time and you can also save fees.
Here the exemple is simple. But it can be very useful if you have only DAI, and you want to be an LP in a Balancer pool or ETH / sUSD / BAT / MKR. Imagine you number of transaction you will have to do.

      ca93f38b6cc6272acf9e6de7b4c1a05ed8a55e1a5bc504e722d68cfc0f4c9809.png    28af64c9126834588d1dee097afaee3f5f4ada3c35de11759b64df0384970a22.png



You can also Rebalance liquidity between pools in 1 click




And finally you can also change the color of the background ! not a big deal but both are amazing 





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