When influencers want to trick you

When influencers want to trick you

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 26 Sep 2020

Hi guys

A new article on the excesses of DeFi but more particularly on the drift of "influencers". I personally don't like that word. There are mostly “influencers” who are ready to believe in anything, even if it comes mainly from people with an interest, often financial, in offering you a product or service. . There are a few people who are "influential" or at least followed by the community, but with a rather benevolent speech. Informants rather than influencers. Unfortunately, a small group of influencers have banded together to launch a token called $ FEW. But this token had no interest in making them money by robbing their followers.

Within 2 hours of start-up, the group numbered nearly 600 members.

In less than 3 hours, a fake FEW contract was created on Uniswap and $ 15,000 in cash was added and a domain name was registered shortly thereafter.

But screenshots of their secret group have leaked.



The goal was therefore a big pump and dump, preceded by an airdrop (very limited and targeting specific members). Does that remind you of anything? It sounds strangely like the story of $ MEME. And it looks like most of the members behind $ FEW have passed by…

Everyone will therefore have their own opinion. But funny or not, once the screenshot was shared widely on Twitter, the members defended themselves by saying that it was all a joke ... Can you believe it?


Beware of pseudo influencers

DeFi is not spared. These people very often receive tokens linked to the projects they share.


The next wave

Until now this type of influencer has been rather confined to CEXs and centralized platforms. Because there was money to be made through sponsorship or sponsorship. It is much more difficult in DeFi, because it is the very principle of DeFi! But some still do it, either by obtaining the tokens before they are released, or by offering to take care of your DeFI tokens in exchange for a commission. A very recent example is a new DEX, called Smoothy Finance

They recently launched a call to recruit influencers to talk about their project in exchange for tokens. So expect to see your favorite influencers talking about it soon! But for what purpose?….


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