Uniswap launch an amazing airdrop

Uniswap launch an amazing airdrop

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 17 Sep 2020

Hi Guys

The DEX and Defi war has only just begun. In a previous article I wrote about Sushiswap's vampirism on Uniswap.

Uniswap hits a big hit and I'm doing pretty well. The $ UNI token has just been launched. The protocol governance token.
But instead of starting its distribution now, they have thought about the 1st users of the protocols and want to reward them with an airdrop.




Indeed a total of 150,000,000 UNI - or 15% of the offer - will be distributed in this way and using the following distribution:

4.92% for the historic 49,192 LP [49,166,400 UNI]

10.06% distributed evenly over the 251,534 historical user addresses [100 613 600 UNI]

0.02% to 220 SOCKS holders / resellers [220,000 UNI]


The rest will be distributed little by little to the liquidity providers. To learn more you can read the Uniswap article explaining the whole process in detail.

Note that to take advantage of this airdrop you had to have used Uniswap or have been LP before September 1st. So don't bother rushing in and hoping to take advantage of it.


Better than the stimulus check

If you used Uniswap, even for a simple swap, before September 1 you can claim 400 UNI. Which at the current price of $ 3.70 (it could vary a lot) is about $ 1,500.

Pretty good isn't it?

And if you are part of the 1st LP of the protocol then the amount of this airdrop can reach astronomical sums.

Seen on twitter: this corresponds to $ 500k



The price of gas soaring


But of course, with such an announcement the price of gas soars and prices are once again ridiculous ... minors are still the big winners of these announcements! We even passed the 1100 gwei mark.


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