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By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 13 Jul 2020

Hi all !

I already wrote 2 articles about Swissborg. 

The Swissborg project is divided in 2 different apps.

1: The wealth app 

2: The community app 

I's writing this new post because they are doing amazing very well since few weeks and both apps are very complementary and it make sense to speak about the project as a whole. 


1: The wealth app 


The first is the Wealth app, you can trade cryptos at the best market price


In fact they use a revolutionary smart engine which eliminates guesswork about investing. By connecting to the Binance, HitBTC, LMAX and Kraken exchanges, they can get you the best cash and rates in seconds. 

Also fees are very clear and you don't have surprises. 


Ok, this is on paper. But now just step back and think about it. 

- If you like to trade, and swap you crypto often, you probably realized that 1% fees is not very nice. Also, because the app will always find the best best, it's not really in your favor when you want to sell. So if you are an intra-day trader , it doesn't really make sense. 

- But ! if you are a beginer or if you just want to buy and hold for few years , this is an amazing app. I personnaly advice this app to my friends when they want to discover the crypto world. A lot of people like Coinbase because it's easy to use. And i agree. But .... did you look at fees ??? it's just ridiculous. An did you try to buy crypto with fiat on Binance ? it's a pain for beginners

A very interesting Reward program



Few days ago they also launched a very nice reward program. 

This program is a win, win, and win program !!! . For you, your friends, and the community.

Here’s why:

  • You can invite more than one friend
  • Each time you invite a friend both of you will be rewarded with a free ticket worth up to EUR100 in Bitcoin
  • Your invited friend can, in turn, invite other friends

And it's very easy to do

STEP 1: Share your invitation link

Open the Rewards Tab in the SwissBorg App and share your unique rewards link.


STEP 2: Your friend makes a deposit

Your friends need to download the SwissBorg app and make a deposit of €50 or more (or equivalent in their currency).


STEP 3: Receive a ticket and claim your reward

You and your friend will both receive a Rewards Ticket. Scratch your ticket to reveal your Bitcoin prize, and then keep sharing to earn more tickets!

Important note:

You don't even have to buy 50e of crypto to scratch your ticket. If you send 50e of BTC on the app from an other wallet, it works. So basically you register, send some cryptos, win a reward and then you can send everything back to you favorit exchange for example. So very easy money to make here !


ps: Few friends already used my link. At the moment reward were relatively nice. 2 more than 70e ( 75 and 73) . Unortunatly an other one won 1e, very unlucky. But it's a lottery. Bad Karma probably ! 

Remember to use a link when you register, you can't add it later ! To support my work, you can use mine And please let me know if you did in comment ! 







2: The community app 


The second app is super cool. And if you already use the first app, there is no reason not to use that one. Check below to know why !
To register you only need an email adress, and a phone number . It's just to be sure that you don't open several accounts, it's very easy to do with emails only, but more difficul with phone number. I use the app since 1 year, and i never received text from them, so it's just for the registration.

What is the goal ?

Every 24 hours, you have to guess whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall in the next 24 hours. If you are right, you will earn points, if you are wrong, you will use points.



So you play for free. Also at the end of Q3 they will close the game, and will classify each user according to their score. You can earn BTC based on your ranking.

Also when you play you will unlock badges. It's relatively easy to do. Everytime you unlock a badge you also win CHSB , the homemade token. To be completely honest you can very easily win 600-650 CHSB.  for the extra 1100 CHSB you need to have friend ^^ . 
The current price is 0.1$, so around 60$ , but it reaches its ATH recently around 0.15$ , so 90$. 
At the end of the game, those CHSB will be transferred in you wallet on the Wealth app 

You can play, test your knowledge, and at the end win BTC and CHSB that you can then sell, keep or swap. But i think it's a good idea to keep it, as they are doing an amazing job and adding more and more tokens, and starting a very nice marketing on social media. And there is no doubt that beginner will love this app 


If you want to join the community, do not hesitate to use my referral code YST5U6A when registering here. You will earn additional points!




Swissborg is a very nice project, offerng 2 different products but very complementary. It's the perfect combo for beginners and more advanced crypto enthusiasm , especially if you are an early user an cn enjoy all current advantages. And there is a lot. If you register to both apps, and you just have an ""ok" karma, you gain win 50e (on the wealth app) and around 90$ (on the community app , but maybe more if you have friend or the price of the CHSB increases ). So more than 150$ , doing almost nothing ! 

But if you do it, please remember that it's not only to gain prices. But the project is also very nice and you should do some DYOR to discover it more deeply and follow what they are doing. More if coming very soon !!! 


Register on the Wealth app: 
Register on the Community app: use this code to win some more points YST5U6A when registering here



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