Metamask is available on mobile !!!



You probably already know Metamask. If not, you can read this article. The Fox Head Wallet is now available on mobiles. An iOS version and an Android version are available. The application allows a very easy connection to different Dapps.

It is not against not possible to import a wallet attached to a Hardware Wallet (Ledger key for example). If so, I haven't figured out how to do it ...


Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it:


1 / Download the app!


2 / We will assume that you are already using the wallet on your computer and that you therefore already have a wallet. And you probably use the Brave browser. Otherwise, you just need to create a new wallet by following the steps displayed on your screen


3 / Import your wallet. It could not be easier. Just click on “Sync with Metamask extension”



4 / You must then connect to your computer and go to Metamask settings (photo below), then go to Advanced settings and click on “Synchronize with mobile”. Then just scan the QR code that will appear.7c2df1082a10d615d229ecac138d74c31af4fae63da6274879c26e375432fa9c.png



5 / There you go! You now have access to quite a few DeFI protocols. And all of this from anywhere and at your fingertips !!!



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