Maskbook: The portal to the new internet

Maskbook: The portal to the new internet

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 28 Sep 2020

Hi Guys

 A new article to present a project that I find quite nice and will probably participate in the famous mass adoption that everyone is waiting for! In the meantime, it will make life easier for crypto fans when browsing social networks.

Maskbook presents itself as the portal for the new open internet. It is an extension that installs on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave and all Chrome-based browsers. A link can be found on the Maskbook site. Note that this is an extension, with the risks that this includes, however all the code is open source and is available on Github.Maskbook offers 4 major features:

  • Sending posts encrypts your friends
  • Send and receive cryptocurrency from social networks (coming soon)
  • Support Gictoin projects from Twitter
  • Decentralized file storage and sharing



You just need to install the extension. Once done, you will need to link your Facebook account or your Twitter account. You will thus have a profile as well as a wallet (with a seed and a private key). This account will therefore be empty. If you want to use it, you will therefore first need to send tokens on it.

Another solution is to connect one of your wallets. At the moment it is only possible to connect a metamask wallet. By doing this you will be able to find the contents of your wallet (if you have heard correctly), and we will see in the rest of the article that this can be useful.




We'll see what can be done next when using Maskbook on Twitter.


Display of charts and exchanges


If in a tweet there is a hashtag containing the name of a token preceded by a $ (4ETH, $ DAI ...), which is now "" the standard ", then a window will appear when you hover your mouse over it and will display the token charter as well as the% of price variations. (Cf image below). By default this information is obtained seriously from CDC, but you can modify this in the parameters and obtain the data from GeckoCoin.

By clicking on Exchange you will see the exchanges on which the token is available as well as the Volumes over the last 24 hours, so you get a lot of information quickly, only by hovering over the name of preferred cryptos.




By clicking on Swap, you can also exchange the token in question for the one of your choice. This swap will be carried out using Uniswap As on the latter, you will have to choose the token you want to receive as well as the quantity you want to exchange.




Encryption of your messages


Another function which may have its use in a world where life hardly exists any more. You can encrypt your tweets. For that you have to click on Compose encrypted post. A new window will open where you can type your message. You can then choose who will be able to decrypt your message. You can imagine using this function to create groups on Twitter where only a few of your friends will be able to read and interact with your tweets. The person seeing your tweet must also have Maskbook in order to be able to decrypt and see your message.




In addition to sending a simple message you can also share files in a completely decentralized way.

Finally, it is possible to create Red Packets. It’s actually a smart contract that will bundle a certain amount of tokens. You can then choose how many people can collect their tokens, as well as the distribution method. Either equally, or randomly. It is the perfect tool for airdrops or distribution of rewards. Once again, the person in front must also have Maskbook to be able to open this Red Packet.




Support the Gitcoin community

Another very interesting feature is the possibility of being able to support grants on Gitcoin. To learn more about Gitcoin I invite you to read this article.

When a user shares a link to a Gitcoin grant, Masbook will detect it and display a button allowing you to donate. Just click on it and then choose the amount of ETH or DAI you want to send. It is therefore not necessary to go to the Gitcoin site, which can hamper some users.

It is also not necessary to create an account on Gitcoin. Just connect. your wallet and make a donation. So you have no more excuses !!! And especially not that of saying that it is too complicated.




It is possible to send other tokens. In order for them to appear in the drop-down menu, they must first be added to this list. To do this, go to the settings then to your wallet and click on Add Token. Then just add the token (s) you want. You will then see them appear in the list when you want to donate.




It will be interesting to see if associations start to use this kind of tool in the future in order to collect donations more easily.

You want to try ? hahah

if you prefer Gitcoin:



Enough with the jokes ! It is in any case a big step forward for mass adoption and above all to make life easier for users while protecting their privacy. Many features are expected to arrive soon. In particular the possibility of seeing and managing your wallet even more easily. It’s a relatively recent project but it still looks interesting to follow. They notably have a good list of partners.

Support me with Gitcoin.

When you give 1$ if'll receive 10$. So if you have some dust of tokens, it's the moment to use it !!!


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