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The Platform

By leomar_07 | leomar | 20 Apr 2021

Hello its me Chicakiku, today I'm gonna share to you a movie that I've watched several times. I discover this movie when I was scrolling on my timeline then I saw a shared video about the movie. My curiosity hits me so I click the video then I watched it.

The Spanish movie was titled "The Platform" in which it involves prisoners who imprisoned in a tower like platform that had countless floors. Every floor was separated in height of 6 meters so prisoners are unable to escape and climb into another floor.

The protagonist here was named Gorong, he was imprisoned due to crime he did, when he wake up, he saw an old bald man sitting opposite to him. He was very confused on where he right now. The old man welcomed him then sat beneath the hole.

Suddenly, the platform was going down then the old start to eat inordinately. Gorong still standing and confused about the situation then the platform is going down again, the old man get the bottle of wine then drink, after that he spit out on platform that has food.

Gorong became mad on old man's behavior, he questioned the old man but he answered "it doesn't matter what I do on food, people beneath us will still eat it". Gorong was surprised on answer of old man, he keep quiet and get a piece of pear. Then the platform go down.

After Gorong got the pear, he felt like the room is so hot then the old man told him, " is it hot right? it is because you got food from the platform, we will burn here in too much hotness if you will not return the food ". Gorong felt terrified on old man's word so he throw the pear on hole. After that, the room temperature came back on normal.

Days later, Gorong still refused to eat but week have past he can't endure the hunger, he started to eat vigorously just like the old man. They eat like there's no people under them waiting for food.

At that night, the old man gave warning to Gorong that he smell anesthetic, it means that they will move into another floor if they will woke up. The old man said, " pray for two of us that we will move into a nice floor ", they closed their eyes and fell asleep.

However, Gorong wakes up tied with blanket and clothes. When he look around, he saw an old man carrying a knife. The old man said that they put in bad situation, Gorong roam his eyes then he saw that they are in floor 117, it means that there is no food left for them.

The platform goes down and as expected, the plates were clean, the old man burst in anger and throw the plates into abyss. The old told to Gorong that he will wait 8 days until there's a food or else he will eat Gorong alive. Gorong was terrified on what he heard, he shout loudly but no one dares to help him.

8 days past rapidly, the old man starts to slice meat of Gorong but he can't do anything because he was tied, hopefully the woman assassin helped him and killed the old man. Gorong was saved then he watched the assassin slicing meat from the old man and eat.

Gorong was survived days from eating paper but he can't endure too much starvation, he also slice meat from old man's decaying body and consume it.

That night Gorong smell anesthetic, it means that he will move in new floor. When he woke up he was happy to see that they are on floor 17 together with a woman. The woman was a good person and had a plan to divide the food for all prisoners. Gorong asked her, " How many floors on this building?, then the woman answered him that there is 200 floors on this building.

The woman confess to Gorong that she was a security guard on this building but she was diagnosed with cancer last stage. Her last wish is to detained herself and want changes on this prison. When the platform moves down, she eat orderly and divide the food in plates. Unfortunately, when the platform moves down in another floor, other prisoners starts to eat vigorously, they've been advised by woman to eat orderly but they don't care. Not until Gorong told to them that if they will not eat orderly, they will contaminate the food.

Another days past, Gorong woke up then he saw that they've moved in floor 203, he saw the woman hanging with no life. She didn't stand the situation and just commit suicide. Gorong felt depressed, he shout loudly but no one heard him.

Gorong woke up again into new floor but now he was in 6th floor together with a big black man, the black man had a rope planning to escape from prison. The big guy asked favor to people above them to handle the rope because he was planning to climb. People above them agreed but when the big guy is near at the 5th floor, two people let go the rope, the big guy almost fell from the hole but Gorong saved him.

The big guy shout loudly and mocking people above him. The big guy almost lose hope but Gorong told his plan to the big guy. They agreed to help each other and divide the food for everyone. They prepared weapons to defend themselves.

They board in platform, they don't give food for people in 6th to 50th floor but people are greedy to eat food, Gorong fight them and don't let anyone to get food. When they reached 51st floor, they start distributing food but as they move down they encountered acquisitive people. They saw the assassin woman who fighting two big man, Gorong and his companion helped the woman but she was died while the big guy was severely injured. They continued distributing food but the big guy died due to blood lose.

Gorong cried bitterly, he reach the end point which is floor 333, he saw a little girl, that little girl is the daughter of assassin she was looking for. Gorong gave the last food to little girl then he lift the little girl into platform. The platform move upward rapidly with little girl boarding, the movie ends there and it has big meaning want to convey to viewers.


The movie deserves more than 5 star rating, it wants to convey to viewers that the platform symbolize reality of society. The prisoners represent people's status while the floor symbolize the way of life while the food represents the resources available. On the movie, the food was good for all prisoners but the people eat too much that there's nothing left on the bottom.

As we can see, people on 1st to 10th floor enjoy the luxurious life and fresh foods. The food doesn't touch at all but when the food reached the 20th floor, people starts to eat inordinately, they dont care on people beneath them as long as they eat plenty.

It happened in real in which people with high status abusing every resources available such as food, necessary things, etc. They abusing it to the point that poor people who experiencing poverty have no enough food to eat. Hunger making them wild animals hunting for food to eat, if there's no food available they will start doing crimes such as killing in order to obtain or steal food from others.

Thank you for reading.

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