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Mivideos ®Realy Easily to Earn Income with by Very Fun Way

By lemplong | lemplong | 5 May 2020

760a1e377b666c5955c087def2ca47c12b393ae5dfd2acebef593e293413c1a9.jpegRealy Easily to Earn Income With By Very Fun Way. Are you interested to Article title that I made ?? And do you want to make money just by sitting in the house ?? And I'm sure everyone will want the same thing as you want. If you are looking for an easy way to get extra money, it is not necessary to be far from a cell phone. I will give you an application that is designed to generate income and money to you more easily and is certainly very fun.

Yeah,,thats right. Mivideos is an application that can help you earn money. Even the application can make money continue to grow as if the money works for you. And that's not all, the Mivideos application is an entertainment tool that you can use as a place for you to share videos, pictures and even this application can also be used to find friends through the message button provided. However, keep in mind that almost all applications offered require some of your personal data. Make sure you pay attention to some application privacy policies before you download them.



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With the Mivideos application, you can earn points by doing things like taking pictures to post or seeing other people's status. Your points will increase according to how diligently you are posting pictures or seeing other people's posts. Because everything you do in the Mivideos application will be rewarded with an mvdp token. Which you can exchange to become cash. Mivideos is a video application that offers you pleasure through uploading your photos or videos, and gives you pleasure through watching videos uploaded by other people, which in turn will give you income from what you do.

• Can users really make money through mivideos?

As a platform Based on blockhain technology with utility tokens, Mivideos will provide income to users just by uploading photos and videos that are done. This is an easy and simple way that users must do. Because in uploading videos and photos that are done there are no restrictions. The more often users do it can be ascertained that the income to be received is greater. This is the way in the era of modern technology. We only need to watch videos, post pictures then we will be given income for all this. Because the company Mivideos has a total supply of 50M MDV tokens with dynamic price values. And the 50M MDV token supply will be added again to $ 1 billion, if users continue to grow. And most of all if your income comes from the ads that often appear when you want to post pictures and videos or when you are entered in this application.

• How Can Someone Make Money From Applications?

Your money always feels insufficient to meet daily needs? Want to work extra but feel tired and do not have much time? If you have the same complaint, the mivideos application has the solution for you. The fact is you can make money in an easy way as simple as downloading this application. You can only download this money-making application on your smartphone. Of course the process does not only reach the process of downloading the application. There are several procedures that you must do in these applications so you can make money. This mivideos application seems to be very suitable for you who like to hold a cellphone all day. But, everything is not as constant as you imagine. To be able to get money, usually you are required to complete some of the tasks given. The form is in the form of uploading images or videos, watching advertisements until they run out, downloading applications, to playing reading other people's posts. When you successfully complete the tasks above, there will be a reward given by the developer in the form of coins or points. You can then redeem the points in dollars if you meet the minimum exchange limit. Exchange can be done using a payment account through ethereum, fiat, dollars and others. This application will also give you points for successfully inviting your friends to download it. If the number of points gained from inviting friends has accumulated 100 points, a bonus prize of 50 points awaits you.

• What is the withdrawal process and withdrawal method?

Because the Mivideos application is a very popular application and is liked by users, therefore this company provides convenience in making payment methods to its users later. Moreover, we know, if users who use applications come from various levels of society who are not from crypto users. And of course the Mivideos company will provide royalty payment payments that can be converted into flat money. And for crypto users they can choose the payment method as they wish. Because the company Mivideos provides various options such as perfectmoney, paypal, bitcoin, ethereum and MDV token.


Apart from that you need to know, that if users want to withdraw their prizes they must know the minimum amount in the withdrawal later. And as for the statement as follows. If you want to withdraw to convert to;

Gift card of at least $ 150

Paypal of at least $ 150

Bitcoin is a minimum of $ 100

Ethereum for a minimum of $ 100

Perfect money of at least $ 150

Mivideos tokens of at least $ 5

• And what percentage will be charged for the withdrawal ??

Gift Card - 20%

Paypal - 20%.

Bitcoin - 10%.

Ethereum - 10%.

Perfect money - 20%.

Mivideos token - 2%.


• Important Note:

For payments to users,the company Mivideos will be paid one month after you make a transaction.


• Token Allocations,


• Conclusions,

Making money is certainly not a difficult thing if we know and understand about the applications we use. Similar to the mivideos application, we make money just by watching videos we like and posting videos that we do. This is a very pleasant thing of course. Because we can choose the videos we want to watch based on the categories that are already available in the mivideos application. So don't hesitate to try the mivideos application as a friend in your daily activities.


" Good luck, And Happy trying"



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Author: Lemplong

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