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Maneki Neko ,, Let's Together Get Lucky For Future Success ,,

By lemplong | lemplong | 1 Aug 2022


Hi All Friends,

If we visit a shopping place or restaurant whose owner is of Chinese descent, then we find a miniature cat display whose hands are raised, and it is as if the statue is calling us.Yes, right. The cat is named Maneki Neko. And the Chinese people believe it if the cat brings good luck to its owner. Actually, if you look at its history, Maneki Neko comes from Japan. However, because it is so famous, Maneki Neko is spread in Southeast Asian countries, including China. According to history, Maneki Neko was first discovered in 1852.In Tokyo, and became popular in 1902, Maneki Neko is used as a display to await the turn of the year. Maneki Neko is believed to be a lucky cat by the Japanese people. But what we need to know, if Maneki Neko has several types of different hand positions. And it shows, if the Maneki Neko you have, is what you expect. If we pay close attention, there are actually three types of Maneki Neko with different functions.The first type is Maneki Neko who raises his right hand. It serves to bring in more money.
While the second type with the left hand raised is believed to bring in more customers.Then the third type is Maneki Neko who raises both hands whose function is a combination of the two types earlier. However, this form is rarely used because it is similar to a surrender gesture. Here is a brief explanation of the Maneki Neko cat to all of you. The owners of the Maneki Neko cat have now spread to various parts of the world. So that the owners of the Maneki Neko cat were inspired to create a crypto project that also uses the same name, namely the Maneki Neko project.



Through a social group of several organisms that share an environment that generally has the same interests and habitats from various countries in the world, namely having a penchant for miniature Maneki Neko Cats, the inspiration was created to create an NFT project based on the Maneki Neko cat with the aim of providing good luck and always Hockey for the owner. On the Neki platform, every user is free to make transactions, whether to buy NFT Neki or just to share experiences by interacting with other Users on the Platform. Maneki Neko is a symbol of prosperity for its owners. So it is possible that NFT Neki will become a game for users later, if you remember the functions and uses of Maneki Neko. Due to the increasing level of adoption of crypto currencies in the world, especially Southeast Asia, so that people raise strategists, Investors and developers to create the $Neki Token which will continue to be developed and introduced to the level of global exchanges. Through trading Maneki Neko NFT and $Neki tokens, it is hoped that all users will trade their NFT holdings Or maybe as a complement to their NFT collection. Neki is already very well known in Southeast Asian countries, especially Japan and China. However, it is possible that Neki will be more widely known by various countries in the world to carry out the concept and its NFT.

Everyone's Opportunity

Everyone has the right to have Maneki NFT, and interestingly there is a special edition in creating NFT Neki, which is only 500NFT created. This is certainly a very interesting and rare thing. Because if we don't hurry to buy NFT Neki, of course we won't get the best collection of NFT Neki that this project has. Please keep your collection well in your NFT wallet. Because if you look at the amount created, it really makes sense that one day, the price of this Neki NFT will have a very high selling value. So be in the forefront to be able to have NFT Neki before it's too late
Then Why is the $NEKI Token the Right Tool for Investment?

- Very Limited Supply, It turns out that with the limited number of $NEKI Tokens, this is not done immediately to limit the amount. However, there are other goals that can certainly benefit the crypto asset company and also the holder of the crypto asset. There is a strong link between the current value and the supply of circulating tokens. The reason is, the $NEKI token is intended to follow the principle of supply and demand. The amount of demand and supply of a crypto asset will affect its increase in value. Thus, people will compete to have these coins because the number is limited. And of course because of the limited number, it is an effective way to profit from the future value. When dealing with crypto assets with limited supply, the potential for price spikes is even greater.

- Very Low Selling & Buying Tax, Taxes are the largest source of revenue in trading transactions on an exchange. But in Maneki Neko, the tax is only 0% of the trade transaction fee. Because the tax issued by Sanggat users is small, the profits owned by the platform owner will be taken when the price of the $Neki Token increases.

- Safe & Secure, Based on the results of the examination carried out by the auditors, namely Coin App and Solidproof, they expressed an opinion, if the $Neki Token received eligibility and the company was in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, this means that the $Neki Token is eligible to be traded in general.

- LP Locked, If liquidity is unlocked, then token developers can do what is known as “rugpull”.This is because investors are essentially sending tokens of this value to exchanges, to get new tokens. Developers can withdraw this liquidity from the exchange, cash out all the value and run with it. Liquidity is locked by releasing ownership of the liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a certain period of time, by sending them to a time-locking smart contract. Without ownership of LP tokens, developers cannot get back the liquidity pool funds.This gives investors confidence that token developers will not run away with liquidity money.


Token Detail,
Token Name : NEKI
Symbol : $NEKI
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Network : Bsc
Contract :

Maneki Neko is a symbol of bringing good luck to its owners. So that Maneki Neko can be placed in the desired place. For example in a trade, office or other place of business. The maneki neko who lifts the right forefoot is believed to bring in money, while the maneki neko who lifts the left forefoot is believed to bring in buyers. Maneki Neko is believed to be a lucky cat by the Japanese and Chinese people. But what we need to know, if Maneki Neko has several types of different hand positions. And it shows, if the Maneki Neko you have, is what you expect.

Maneki Neko is a symbol of good luck for its owner, as well as $Neki which is also the original project of Maneki Neko. Running on the BSC blockchain network, the $Neki Token is expected to be able to meet the needs and be able to provide good luck to those who are. Because of the features it has, including:

Provide payment services between users of the $Neki application that are safe, through the service Secure Near Field Communication (NFC) without using the internet.
- Using security process which uses human physical characteristics, such as fingerprints and faces to authenticate users. This is usually necessary for updating account settings, authorizing withdrawals in order to protect your account.
- Can Send $Neki Tokens easily and safely to other users around the world without going through a complicated process.
- Through an easy-to-understand way of working, of course, those of us who use it will easily understand how the $Neki application works and functions.Thus we can quickly understand without the need to think long and analyze what has happened.
- Via notification message turned on, User can tap on notification to open your app or take action directly from notification. Is it related to the latest information from $Neki or also a notification to you when you receive the $Neki Token.
- You can manage the accounts you have by adding as many accounts as possible.Because you own 100% of the assets you own. But if you don't want more than one account, it won't be a problem.
- please keep your wallet confidential. By not sharing important passwords with others or by copying your important wallet passwords elsewhere, such as writing them down in a book and so on.
- please share your wallet address with friends, relatives or other users to get $Neki tokens. Because only through the address you sent, the token will go into your personal wallet.


Cryptocurrency trading is a high risk trade. However Along with the development of technology, the use of crypto assets as an investment tool is increasingly popular and increasingly popular. Do research on the asset you want to buy. The things you can see are the history, the concept of the project and the long term benefits that we will get. You can also see the price volatility of the asset so that you can know the risk of the asset.



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