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dVestLabs " The New Way Of Investing That's More Profitable & Desentralized

By lemplong | lemplong | 14 Aug 2021


Hi All,,

What's News ??

Economic growth around the world is currently being disrupted. This is all caused by several factors that influence it, including:
• Political Factors,
• Covid 19,
• Natural Disasters and etc.
So that every individual and country must have a reserve of funds to be able to overcome this unstable economic problem. And one of them is through investment. Because investment is an activity to invest for a long period of time in the hope of obtaining profits in the future. In addition, investment is a first step to build the economy. Therefore, by investing we can help economic growth in difficult times like today.
That is the importance of investing for our future or for the future of the nation and state.
And my question is.
Guess What Investment Is Suitable For Us To Do Right Now ?
Because if we look, there are many areas of investment that offer many advantages, including :
• Gold Investment,
• Savings Investment,
• Deposits Investment,
• Land, Property Investment and others.
Of course we are confused to choose the type of investment that we will do. Therefore, instead of being confused, it's better, keep reading this article that I made. Because this article is about investing in crypto. And investments in which no other party interferes in the arrangement. Investment management 100% we manage it.
Thats Right,, this is a Completely Decentralized Investment.

What Investment Is This?


" Decentralized Investing "


And for those of you who still don't understand about the dVestLabs project, you can read about it in several articles that I wrote some time ago,
Linkedin [ ] [ ]


By the reading this article, I hope you can understand about the dVestLabs project and what products it has.

And this time I will not explain in detail about dVestLabs. However, I will explain about the benefits we get when we decide to invest/be a part of the dVestLabs Ecosystem.
Then what are the advantages for us when investing in dVestLabs?
By investing in dVestLabs, you can get several benefits.
These are the benefits of investing in dVestLabs for the long term, are:
• Saves Us From Inflation,
Inflation occurs almost every year. Because of this the value of the currency has decreased. So to avoid it. The savings interest rate must be higher than the inflation percentage. Therefore, investment is one of the means to avoid the impact of inflation. With good management when investing in dVestLabs, it will beat the high rate of inflation.

• Increase Value For Money,
By investing, we manage money and can increase the value of the money we have. Your money will be more useful and profitable in the long run.

• Adding Sources Of Income,
By setting aside a little of your money to invest, we will benefit in the future. Because without realizing we already have assets that can be used when we need them.

• Getting Compounding Effects,
The compounding effect or revolving interest is the interest earned from the results of previous investments that you invest again and generate interest back. Or the condition when you get a return on capital along with the profits and interest, you can invest the capital again then the interest that you earned will return interest.

• Preparing for Future Needs,
Investing can help prepare capital for future needs. And Through investing, you can overcome the increased costs of these needs.

• Achieve Financial Freedom,
Financial Freedom is a condition in which you are financially independent. This means that your income is sufficient to meet your daily needs.This condition can be achieved in many ways, investing in dVestLabs. Through good investment you can get big profits in a very short time.

• Practice Decision Making,
When you are investing, you will indirectly start thinking about investment planning. You also have to be able to make financial decisions. The various problems that you will face will hone your analytical skills. Your insight and knowledge about investing will increase over time. Those are some of the Benefits when investing in dVestLabs, investing with a good arrangement will provide great benefits for your future. If you want to start investing, dVestLabs provides the tools for all of that. You can get started online by becoming a member of the dVestLabs project.


Partners & Technology,






Conclusion ,

Through several ideas and concepts from several people who have the same goal, finally the dVestLabs project was created, which also aims to prosper its fellow members in the Ecosystem. Now is the time for us to determine the investment for our assets. Because by becoming a member at dVestLabs, we have 100% rights, about the direction and where our assets will be managed. Of course, this is a new way of investing that is more profitable and decentralized.






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