Zebra Defi(ZFI) Airdrop

Zebra Defi(ZFI) Airdrop

By TrinityJc | Legit Airdrops Updated | 22 Sep 2020

💹 Spend 3 minutes to win 20 stakes and take the share of 10,000 ZFI ($40,000).

🔥Zebra DeFi, A decentralized Yield Farming Dapp with Referral Rewards On TRX.

🚀2000% APR on ZFI Yield Farming DAPP
Stake $ZFI and earn $ZFI. 5% daily returns and over 2000% APR.

🚀FOMO Rebate Mechanism
- Up to 20% $ZFI Yield rewards for referrals.
-(15% direct referrals and 5% indirect referrals)
- For every direct referral, you would get 100TRX(= $3).

✨ZFI was listed on justswap.io. ✨
Now you can get it free by airdrop bot

Use link below to participate 👇



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Legit Airdrops Updated
Legit Airdrops Updated

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