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Foundry Social Media Competition

By TrinityJc | Legit Airdrops Updated | 15 Sep 2020

Foundry Social Media Competition

The Foundry is a  new incubator created in partnership with Duck DAO and Ferrum Network. The Foundry is the first incubator to combine a decentralized fundraising model with the best influencers, founders, exchanges, plus a suite of valuable DeFi technology to ensure a project’s success from pre-launch through scaling

Contest overview:

In this contest you will spread awareness about The Foundry and earn FRM and DDIM tokens!

Our Foundry Contest will run for a period of 7 days, the goal for the participants is to get as many 'entries' (points) as possible in the duration of the campaign, the top 10 winners will be rewarded (reward table structure can be found below) 

We have a list of pre-defined tasks around social media which aims to spread awareness about the Foundry

Want to get ahead? 

To get an advantage you can refer as many friends & family members as possible, you will receive points for each one that opts in! 

Reward structure

1st place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

2nd place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

3rd place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

4th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

5th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

6th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

7th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

8th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

9th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

10th place - $25 in FRM + $25 in DDIM

Limited time only only this day hurry join now!!

Link below👇👇👇


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Legit Airdrops Updated
Legit Airdrops Updated

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