By Legend53 | Legend53 | 8 Sep 2020

Today is a great day. Today is 2UP day. I like it 2 times more today. We are privileged today! I have decided to build my post today on love. Indeed, in our increasingly rich world: human values, hate speech are incredible !! So what have we done to build this hate? Which of our foundations broke down: nettle, grasses, plants grew? !! Cannot cope with cleaning and mowing !! Such that: the human generation is threatened !! What is this lovelessness? Where did we go wrong? What is the advantage of black over white and white over black? What is the advantage of the rich over the poor and the poor over the rich ?! What's happening to us ?! Yet: the remedy is very simple, isn't it? love! Believe us if we start with LOVE, we will take care of the vast majority of problems. We can even end poverty! (you know, sometimes I get very desperate here too !! Number of transit passes: 1,600 !! the number of clicks: 15 !! so sorry: you will not get anywhere with this table! you may not agree to share the idea! late. 1.600-15 odds are very serious! Believe me, this picture is dire !! Let's put our hands on our conscience please? !!) Returning to our topic: if the yellow flower is love: what is love? Does love solve our problems?


Thank you very much for your time.

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I live in Istanbul. I am originally from Rize. My private hobbies: Cryptocurrencies, traveling, food, complementary medicine, fishing, driving. And I am writing for humanity as an amateur. (I'm never an expert)


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