By Legend53 | Legend53 | 30 Jan 2021

1 Bitcoin = 0.14 cents

Let us explain this ambitious title without delay: For this claim: Please get a Coinbase wallet. The Bitcoin journey began in the 2008s. And it changed many balances in the world. First, let's write: the Tokenomi revolution is just beginning! Those who are stuck in the shower of this revolution, those who do not acquire knowledge, who do not do enough research, will lose! BITCOIN: As you all know in 2008-2010; the price is around 8-10 cents. Well: if we had enough research and knowledge at that time, we were at very different cash levels. The critical question here is: Is it late today? No way! COINBASE: I wrote above: make sure to get a Coinbase wallet. The lowest of the Coins traded there: with 0.14 Cent; DNT Coin. In other words, we have not looked back today: 34-35.000 thousand dollars !! WINGS OF 0.14 CENT: Well Coinbase: summary information on coins is available. It also offers an opportunity for detailed research. Your work: remember, your future; 34-35.000 dollars worth of work. RESULT: I use non-investment platforms for COINS. (Those who are in good cash, off topic) For example, there is a game application called CriptoPop: the game earns with cross-level advertising. I am personally connected via VIFI. In 3 days: I reach 60,000 points and earn 12 cents. Transfer 12 cents to my Coinbase, Ethereum account: I buy one of the $ 34,000, 0.14 cent coins.

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Thank you so much for your time.

##Important note: What is written here is my personal opinion and not investment advice. For investment; please seek professional help!


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