Essays on different aspects of UK law.

Unfair Dismissal Claim

11 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

  Unfair dismissal is when an employer gets rid of an employee without good reason or without following the proper procedure. 1) Time Limit   To bring a claim of unfair dismissal, the claim must be brought within 3 months from the dismissal.   2) Eli...

Crypto and Divorce

2 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

Crypto and Divorce   Crypto awareness is quickly becoming more and more mainstream with many sections of society engaging with it. But as it becomes more popular, there are many areas of law that have not yet adapted to it. Since an individual can an...

Should the Law on Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia be Reformed?

1 Apr 2021 12 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

Intro   The idyllic death for most is a peaceful descent brought about by old age. Not all get this option as they are plagued by intense mental or physical deterioration, resulting in them wanting to end their life or get their treatment discontinue...

Company Insolvency

31 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

  It is important for all involved to know when a company is insolvent since it affects how the company will be run. The directors’ duties changes for example, and the company can no longer freely trade.   When is a company deemed insolvent?   S122 (...

Case Studies of Universal Basic Income

30 Mar 2021 9 minute read 2 comments CryptoCelt97

Case studies of Universal Basic Income   UBI has only really gained renown in recent years. While there are a few examples of UBI being used in practice, it is still relatively rare. Some nations have systems with elements of a modern UBI system, but...

The Development and History of Universal Basic Income

30 Mar 2021 10 minute read 1 comment CryptoCelt97

  The development and history of UBI as a socio-legal theory   To understand Universal Basic Income and why it is relevant, we must explore its history. Exploring the history of the concept will provide the context necessary to see why it might be a...

International Law and Torture

27 Mar 2021 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

There are several international treaties that ensure protection from torture, these treaties form part of international human rights law. Despite these treaties, compliance is not always observed when it comes to torture. This is because internationa...

Capital Gains Tax

25 Mar 2021 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

Capital Gains Tax is applied when you dispose of an asset that has increased in value. You are taxed on the gain you have made on the asset, not simply on the money you have received from selling it. For example, if you buy an asset for £30,000 and t...

How to set up a Trade Mark in the UK

24 Mar 2021 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoCelt97

  When starting a business or creating a product it is always a good idea to register your trademark. Once the mark is officially registered, you will have the exclusive right to use and market the product and can prevent others from using it. To reg...

Should a ‘Robot Tax’ be implemented to fund a permanent dividend fund(UBI)?

19 Mar 2021 3 minute read 9 comments CryptoCelt97

  A new age of automation and AI is emerging, and the ramifications could have severe implications for the workforce and resultingly the personal wealth of the citizens. This is especially true for the lower classes of society where the automation ta...